Police officer escapes murder bid during raid on brothel

DUBAI - A Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officer and two men were seriously injured during a police raid on an apartment used for prostitution in the English cluster at International City, a court heard.

By Mary Nammour

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Published: Tue 23 Nov 2010, 10:28 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 4:07 PM

The 28-year-old Emirati CID officer escaped death but was left with stab wounds on November 22, last year.

Two Pakistani men, who happened to be near the apartment, were also attacked as they were also taken for CIDs.

The suspected attackers, including three Vietnamese and two Chinese, were on trial on Monday in the Court of First Instance on the charges of attempting to murder an on-duty police officer and others, criminal complicity and running a brothel.

Two other suspects at least are still wanted in connection with the case.

The Emirati CID officer told the prosecutors that after midnight that day he went with other officers to the apartment after receiving information that it was a brothel.

“We found four men, who had Asian features including two Pakistanis. There were also four Chinese women,” said the officer in the investigation.

As the suspects, including the two Pakistani victims were taken out of the apartment to the police car, five men, armed with swords and cleavers, suddenly walked out of a door near the apartment.

“They attacked us with swords,” the officer said.

By the time the officer, who was in the front, was surrounded by the men, the other policemen reached the corridor’s end. His arms were hurt while trying to protect himself from the swords.

He ran away towards the stairs while the suspects were still chasing him. He fell down as he was still being assaulted with the swords. He had multiple stab wounds in the back. He managed to exit the building and by that time the suspects disappeared. He was bleeding a lot and fainted in the ambulance.

The ther policemen had to re-enter the apartment during the sword attack and called for reinforcements. The policemen used sticks and iron bars to protect themselves. The suspects threw kitchen utensils at the officers in the attack there.

One of the two Pakistanis who were hurt as he happened to be around said in the investigation that the suspects made him enter their apartment prior to the raid.

“As we knocked on our friend’s door in the third floor and were waiting, we were surprised by two men with Chinese features holding swords coming our way,” said the Pakistani.

The frightened men obeyed and followed the armed men inside their apartment where they saw Chinese women. Few minutes later, the CIDs raided the place and they were taken along.

He added that, however, they were all then attacked by a sword-wielding group of about eight men.

The Pakistani said he lost two of his fingers in the attack.

He also got serious hand injuries as he was protecting his head. The two men saw a police patrol car and asked for help.

They were taken to hospital. They could recognise some of the defendants in a parade of suspects at the Rashidiyah police post.


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