One dies as crane rope snaps

AJMAN - A labourer from the Dubai General Maintenance company, based in Dubai, died and another one was severely injured after falling from a crane while painting a water tank at the Al Rasheed Primary School for Girls in the Al Rashidiya district of Ajman. The crane's rope and wire were apparently cut.

By Afkar Abdulla

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Published: Thu 5 Aug 2004, 9:30 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 1:09 PM

Badawi Abdul Hameed, a 32-year-old Egyptian labourer, died while undergoing surgery for internal bleeding in his brain, while Ram Shibla, a 35-year-old Indian, is admitted to the emergency care unit for his serious condition.

A source at the site told Khaleej Times that the rope and the wire which connected the cage to the crane's body were loose and weak, which led to the unfortunate accident.

Mr Hameed, who was doing the paint, fell on a piece of iron on the floor directly underneath the crane, resulting in massive head injuries which caused his death. Mr Shilba fell on the floor resulting in severe injuries.

Relatives and friends of the two victims gathered at the emergency room of the hospital weeping and blaming the company for the accident. The official and engineer who were at the hospital at that time refused to comment on the accident.

Dr Ramadan Abdul Salam said that the labourers who were brought to the hospital were in a serious condition and that the medical team of the emergency room called for a code 2, meaning that all the specialists were called to investigate the case.

Mr Hameed died 30 minutes after the surgery, which was conducted to save his life from internal bleeding while Mr Shibla is currently admitted to the emergency unit.

Dr Hamad Al Shamsi, Director General of the hospital, said that the number of injuries amongst labourers has increased due to the violation of safety procedures and regulation by the construction companies.

"First aid training should be provided by the companies to the supervisors of the workers and safety equipment should be provided to the labourers. When the labourers get the job, they should be educated about the importance of safety procedure before they start work at any site."

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