BITS Pilani, Dubai: Engineering excellence with world-class connections

Dr R. N. Saha, Director, BITS Pilani, Dubai campus
Dr R. N. Saha, Director, BITS Pilani, Dubai campus

Director Dr R. N. Saha elaborates BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus' readiness with advanced technological platforms

BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus, set in Dubai International Academic City, is one of the largest university campuses in the emirate spanning across the 650,000 sq ft. The University specialises in engineering and biotechnology programmes with bachelors offered in civil engineering, chemical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, biotechnology, and electronics and communication engineering. Its postgraduate programmes include Master's in design engineering, microelectronics, software systems and electrical engineering alongside MBA programmes.

BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus complete the learning experience with an impressive campus with state-of-the-art facilities, internationally qualified faculty, venue for sports, as well as smart classrooms.

According to Dr R. N. Saha, Director of BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus, the University was quick to respond to the demanding needs of the education landscape.
"When it was announced that universities have to make the move to online teaching during the Covid-19 situation, BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus successfully made the switch without missing a single day. This was because we had a very good technological platform, the Cisco Telepresence Conference Room and Classroom, set in place to keep students and faculty connected."

Through this platform, students had access to world-class high-definition video conferencing facilities featuring large multiscreen displays for clarity and a multichannel sound system that made the transition to online learning a smooth process.

Dr Saha added that BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus recently conducted examinations over the platform with modifications to match the current needs.

"Technology has become very important in effective teaching-learning in higher education, especially in the present pandemic situation. Further, emphasis of the UAE Government on the adaptation of technology and digitisation in education has given a new direction and dimension to technology education and responsibilities to universities, which BITS Pilani has successfully initiated and adopted," said Dr Saha.

He added that the Cisco Telepresence Conference Room and Classroom boasts a capacity of 180 students and connected multiple campuses at the same time.

BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus has also set up an Entrepreneurship Incubation Centre aligned with the UAE's developing SME ecosystem. Inspiring students, it has successfully groomed students with confidence and know-how to create award-winning business ideas and challenge others in competitions to eventually pave the way towards successful entrepreneurship. It has also set up Creative Lab to inspire and encourage innovation among students complemented with working opportunities for experience.

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