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Transparency helps UAE startup Start Any Business expand exponentially in less than a year

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Vandana Joshi, CEO, Start Any Business
Vandana Joshi, CEO, Start Any Business

Published: Wed 26 Jan 2022, 12:21 PM

The last two years have been extremely tough not just for individuals, but also for businesses and governments who have found it hard to rise and grow. Each country was faced with its own challenge. The UAE, however, recovered before any other country, thereby enabling its residents and business houses to stabilise themselves faster than the others.

Such circumstances and tough times gave birth to Start Any Business. The business model was best suited for recent times as profit margins had to be negligible, with the company focused more on growth, reputation and vision.

Start Any Business was initiated with the motive of helping individuals struggling under the ambiguity of business consultants, to establish themselves and realise their dreams with complete transparency.

The premise behind Start Any Business was simple. It did not to charge any hidden bill and was upfront and honest in all its dealings with the client. The company has lived up to its promise — charging customers for their services and letting them choose what best suits their needs, based on a variety of services that they offer. All government bills are presented in their original form to the clients and all services are clearly mentioned. There are no loopholes or ‘read between the lines’ expenses involved. In fact, there have been times when the company charged lesser than what the initial estimate was, thus building trust with its clientele.

Today, less than a year after inception, the company has expanded from a single staff to a team of 25 employees, comprising finance officers, consultants, PROs, digital, HR, admin and management. These numbers speak of the growth and the power of honesty, transparency and reputation, which have led to customer retention and referrals. Start Any Business has budgeted a separate financial component for the existing customers, creating a sense of belongingness and adding a surplus identity to the business.

All of this did not happen overnight. Behind the company’s success are hard-working MBAs from Belgium, who have run more than 10 successful businesses over the last 15 years in the MENA and Asia Pacific region. They set up the Start Any Business office in Dubai and India and are very close to opening another one in Europe.

Vandana Joshi, CEO of Start Any Business, says:"What makes the organisation great and helps it grow is the kind of services they can provide and how good they are at providing that service. That was the space in the market that Start Any Business sought to fill. By removing the underlying ambiguity and taking the complexity of creating a business out of the client’s hands, the company provides 360-degree solutions, including company formation to start with and then banking and business launch, consultation, target market research and analysis, legal advisory and customer care. All of that and more under one roof."


According to Joshi, the vision of Start Any Business is to have a global presence in the next five years, establish one company simultaneously across the globe to ease financial burdens and import duties or operational costs. Basically, the company aims to have a global presence, which, in turn, will helps its clients increase their own presence.

A class apart

On what sets Start Any Business apart from the other companies in the field, Joshi reiterates that it is the transparency and their service charges. Start Any Business charges the least in terms of combined expenditure one has to incur in opening a company. Furthermore, the company shares all bills with the clients to ensure transparency. Joshi said that the recently announced law that allowed foreign companies set up their own trading company or a professional services-based company without a local sponsor, giving them 100 per cent ownership of their business was a great incentive for more companies to open up in the UAE.

Word of advice

Joshi had some pearls of wisdom to share with individuals who were looking to start their professional journey in the UAE. She said that the raison d'etre for anyone looking to open a company is to earn profits. One of the ways is by cutting costs while increasing global reach. The UAE is one such country that ticks all the boxes for anyone looking to start a business. "With has negligible taxes, port services, stable government, and where policies are strictly implemented, the country has a multi-cultural population that translates into a global reach for businesses. So, you’re not limited as to where you want to carry your business or from where you want to import or export. All these aspects make it easier for new companies to start operations in Dubai and go global."

"On behalf of 'Start Any Business', we wish all our patrons, clients, partners and fellow countrymen a Happy 73rd Republic Day. May the year 2022 be one filled with success and vision as our country continues to progress and reach new heights of success and glory."

For more info, please visit: startanybusiness.ae

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