Seven new divisions created in Oman

MUSCAT — The government of Oman on Thursday created seven new divisions appointing governors for them in a major administrative re-shuffle of the interior regions.

The Royal Decrees were issued by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said to create the new governorates by clubbing several wilayats. Previously, the country was divided into governorates and the regions. The regional wilayats used to be headed by walis under the supervision of the ministry of interior.

With this, the total number of governorates goes up to 11, each of them headed by a governor.

Two of the administrative regions, A’Sharqiyah and Al Batinah have been split into two governorates each.

Apart from Muscat, Dhofar, Buraimi, and Musandam, the other new governorates are Al Dakhiliyah, Al Batinah North, Al Batinah South, A’Sharqiyah South, Al Sharqiyah North, Al Dhahira North, and Al Wusta Governorate.

Except the governors of Muscat and Dhofar, the governors of the new governorates will exercise their powers under the Minister of Interior’s supervision.

In another royal decree, the Sohar Development Office has been renamed as Sohar Municipality elevating the status of this town from being a wilayat.

Centre for trafficking victims

Meanwhile, Oman has established a relief home for victims of human trafficking in which 34 people have been provided succour till now.

This was revealed by the National Committee for Combating Human Trafficking which held its first meeting here on Thursday.

The meeting reviewed the committee’s efforts over the past three years, the human trafficking issues, the role of transitional host home for trafficking victims and the next annual plan to combat trafficking.

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