Live the fairytale with this UAE-based boutique concierge service

This Covid-conscious concierge service is bringing romance back in our lives

By Somya Mehta

Published: Thu 18 Feb 2021, 9:00 PM

Last updated: Mon 1 Mar 2021, 4:53 PM

When it comes to rich and elaborate experiences, the UAE never fails to surprise. Amid the abundance of prime locations and sophisticated restaurants, a boutique concierge service is breaking through the clutter of cut-copy-paste lounging options and curating tailor-made experiences for couples wanting to mark special occasions in their lives. From clearing the Cove Beach for a special date night to magically transforming people’s houses, Table For Two has already acquired a niche for creating intimate experiences, at a time when the pandemic spotlighted the need for social-distancing.

Its Delhi-bred founder Upasana Garg, who comes from a background in media and events, says her venture was born out of the pressing need to fill the gap in dining experiences that lack soul. “I was so over the idea of people either buying expensive things or going out to painfully similar fine-dining experiences for every celebration. Back then, I was engaged and each time I would go out with my fiancé, we would end up running into people,” she says. In her quest to add “emotion and heart” to people’s special days, she began conceptualising detail-oriented celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries, proposals and date-nights.

“I was tired of going for supposedly romantic meals out that started off with numerous questions on water. I wanted these things to be taken care of when I am out to celebrate. I once organised a farmhouse setting, called a chef and a singer for our special night and my husband loved the personalised experience. That is how the idea of Table For Two was born. I decided I wanted to do this for other people.”

The experience curator brought this venture to Dubai a year ago. Despite being impacted by the pandemic regulations, the service has managed to pull off some special events for couples. “We are not competing with restaurants here. Let’s say you have a table booked at a restaurant and you want to make the evening special. What we will do is organise little gestures that will make the night special. The napkins can be embroidered with an important date or the butler can bring you activities that are customised based on your relationship, or the menu can be done in a certain way. These are just the basics of what we can do in existing establishments.”

With the pandemic, says Upasana, the demand for more personalised experiences has gone up. “People may not always want to go out. These kinds of set-ups are no longer just a luxury option, they have become the only choice for any couple looking to celebrate a special day while feeling safe.” The company follows strict guidelines to comply with Covid regulations, having the staff and everyone at the gathering Covid-tested before each event.

Recently, Garg came up with another specialised service. “We started something called TFT Tablescapes, which involves transforming people’s homes into a signature TFT venue, taking into account the couple’s interests, preferences, how long they’ve been together, and basically just understanding the emotion and bringing it to life.” The founder will soon be launching a boutique breakfast service called TFT Breakfast in Bed for couples that don’t get as much time together and are looking to spend some quality time over freshly-served breakfast in bed. “The concept is to get a butler and a breakfast trolley with freshly-sourced breakfast foods.” From planning romantic nights away at exclusive beaches or art galleries, to stargazing in the balcony, this is how celebrations will look in the new normal.

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