Transco poised for a big leap

AL AIN — The Abu Dhabi Transmission and Despatch Company (Transco) in Al Ain has energised a major new overhead line and a new sub-station operating at 400,000 volts and 220,000 volts.

By Lana Mahdi

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Published: Thu 11 Aug 2005, 10:04 AM

Last updated: Tue 3 Oct 2023, 3:37 PM

Speaking to Khaleej Times, David Copestake, Managing Director of Transco, said the new substation, which is located at Al Ain south-west, is fed by the Abu Dhabi area and brings power to Al Ain from the new generating stations at Shuweihat in the Western Region and Taweelah near Abu Dhabi. Over the next few months, this major new supply hub will be connected to the existing 220,000 volt networks to support and improve supplies in Al Era'ad, Sanaiya, Al Wagan, Maziyad and Zakher areas, besides facilitating closure of the old Al Ain power station. The total value of this project is over Dh370 million.

He said that over the past five years, the Government of Abu Dhabi, through ADWEA and Transco, had invested heavily in the Al Ain area with a number of major electricity and water projects being brought on line.

The power projects include seven new electricity sub-stations with overhead lines and cables and the refurbishment or reinforcement of older power assets in the area. The total cost of these works has been in excess of Dh700 million.

"The development of transmission network for Al Ain would continue over the next five years with more than Dh700 million in capital investment in progress or planned for the period. These works include a major new supply hub in Sweihan area and connectivity to the generating plant at Qidfa. The plans also include the completion of an inter-connection with Oman from the Al Oha sub-station," Copestake said.

Engineer Fatima Al Dhaheri, Head of Operation and Maintenance Department at Transco in Al Ain, said the company was conscious of the safety and environmental aspects. "It recognises the importance of controlling and limiting the impact its operations may have on the environment. To this end, Transco has implemented measures, approved to the international standard ISO 14001, to ensure that in carrying out its business, it has minimal, if any, adverse impact on the environment," she said.

Transco recognises concerns over the possible health effects of its overhead lines and keeps itself always up-to-date with the latest international research and studies into electro-magnetic effects on people, particularly children.

"The latest and most comprehensive investigation in this regard has shown no direct link between electro-magnetic effects of overhead lines and ill-health in the population. Transco continues to monitor this aspect of its operations and ensures that the design and construction of its overhead lines and other assets follow internationally accepted standards," Engineer Fatima said.

She said Transco was also concerned with the visual impact of overhead lines in Al Ain, and would invest over Dh270 million over the next five years in replacing some of its overhead lines in Al Ain City with underground cables.

Although underground cables are about 20 times more expensive than overhead lines, both Transco and the Abu Dhabi Government recognise the need to enhance, preserve, and maintain the beauty of Abu Dhabi's Garden City.

She said Transco was not just involved in Al Ain, but has a large portfolio of major capital projects worth more than Dh10 billion in the Abu Dhabi Island and Western Regions of the Emirate as also in the Northern Emirates. Transco's capital investment programmes are aimed at ensuring availability of necessary power and water to meet the high expectations of the Abu Dhabi Government for the development of the emirate.

Transco is also set to play a major role in the proposed Emirates National Grid and the intended GCC Interconnection.

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