Strict licensing criteria for Dubai pet market vendors

Strict licensing criteria for Dubai pet market vendors

Dubai - See a list of animals allowed and not allowed for sale

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Sherouk Zakaria

Published: Sun 23 Oct 2016, 11:39 PM

Last updated: Mon 2 Jan 2017, 5:34 PM

In Dubai, the municipality follows a strict criteria before allowing vendors to sell animals at Al Warsan market.
According to Faisal Almuammari, head of veterinary control unit at the veterinary services section, vendors must obtain a licence before any veterinarian-related activities.
From the beginning of the year, 13 licences were issued at the birds and pets market. There are currently 80 stores at the market.
The criteria to obtain a licence include:
> Approval from the Department of Economic Development that covers registration form model, certificate of initial approval and a trade name.
> Providing a rent contract for the facility desired

Pets must be registered and microchipped for:· The pet's information (age, sex, colour, type)
· The owner's information and contact details
· The pet's up-to-date vaccination records
· Tracking a lost pet
· To keep count of the number of animals in Dubai and other emirates
> A no-objection letter from the veterinary services department to complete the licence issuance procedures.
Almuammari added that pets are inspected before they go into the market. Check-ups ensure that the animal is vaccinated. The market is also inspected regularly through random visits and follow-ups from the inspection team based on the regulations and instructions listed to vendors.
Types of animals permitted for sale at the Birds and Pet market at Al Warsan
· Pet birds
· Cats and dogs
· Ornamental wild animals
· Ornamental fish
· Other pets (rabbits, turtles, etc .)
Animals that are not allowed
The types of animals not eligible for sale at the Birds and Pets Market in Al Warsan include all kinds of animals protected under the Convention on International Trade (CITES) of species of animals threatened with extinction, except animals with permits for sale under CITES issued by Ministry of Climate Change and Environment at the ports including:
· All farm animals (camels, cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats) that are sold at the livestock market at Al Qusais
· Birds like chicken, pigeons, ducks and geese. Raptors such as hawks are sold at a special market in Nad Al Sheba
· All breeds of wild dogs
· Dogs and cats under three months old
· Reptiles
· Unvaccinated animals
· Wild animals (deer, oryx, etc.)

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