Look: Why Dubai Design District has become coolest place to take Instagram-worthy photos

From Palestinian artist Areen's 'Flowing Threads' to Kapil Bhimekar's 'The Reality Check', this one-of-a-kind event started on November 7 and is scheduled to run until November 12


SM Ayaz Zakir



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Photos: Shihab/KT
Photos: Shihab/KT

Published: Thu 9 Nov 2023, 6:00 AM

Last updated: Thu 9 Nov 2023, 10:52 PM

Dubai's Design District has become the coolest place for taking awesome Instagram photos as lots of amazing art and installations have popped up, making it a must-visit spot for everyone who loves clicking cool pics and getting the right photo for their Instagram handle.

The event started on November 7 and is scheduled to run until November 12.

Upon entering the district, you are welcomed by the installation by Kapil Bhimekar’s ‘The Reality Check', where the artist talks about exploring the idea of real, physical connections between people. It's a big inflatable artwork made from recycled materials.

The message behind the art is about today's world, where we spend a lot of time in the virtual or online space, and Bhimekar wants us to think about what's real and important. The inflatable installation is a way of showing the contrast between our online lives and the sometimes lonely, isolated physical world.

There's an exciting energy in the air, as visitors are eager to find something amazing and a message behind every art installation. Visitors are ready to capture and share their experiences on their social media handles in this vibrant and captivating place.

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Flowing Thread

Another installation where people are eager to get themselves clicked is the ‘Flowing Threads’ by Areen, a Palestinian artist. It is a meaningful artwork out of special threads in which the artist created something beautiful.

The way it looks like it's flowing in the wind shows how light and delicate it is. The colours of the fabric stand out against the solid background, creating a cool effect of changing reflections.

The thread in this artwork is like a small world, representing a person's life in the big universe. Areen thinks about how each thread in the fabric is connected, just like how people are connected in the larger world. It's like we are all part of a huge, beautiful picture, or a cosmic tapestry.

Two tourists from the Netherlands were amazed to see the installations and have clicked at every art form. “We just heard about the event and made our way here. These are great. Very creative and instagrammable. We have clicked over 50 photos and I believe our phone memory will be exhausted,” said the tourists.


One of the most Instagrammable structure at the event is a pavilion crated out of wood and wood panels stacked upon each other forming the shape of an Igloo.

The pavilion is named Naseej. It's a space where people can take a break, think, and feel calm. The pavilion is designed to connect people with nature by using wood, a natural material.

Two architects, AlZaina Lootah from the UAE and Sahil Rattha Singh from India created Naseej. What's cool is that when they take the pavilion apart, all the wood can be reused for something else. This way, they make sure not to leave any waste behind and the wood can be used repeatedly. “It's like a smart and eco-friendly way of building things,” said Ahmed Bana, a Lebanese artist who came to the event.

The Big Challenge

Imagine a super big table tennis. It's not a regular game, it's a giant installation at the event.

The installation is a huge table tennis table, way bigger than the ones we usually see. What's cool is that many players can play at the same time. It's designed to be a fun and exciting experience.

The people who came up with the design used special large porcelain stoneware slabs made by Iris Ceramica Group. These slabs have geometric patterns created by architect Niko Kapa, who won a competition that Iris Ceramica Group and UAE Modern hosted. The competition was all about celebrating different cultures from around the world.


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