Prosecutor jailed for slapping defendants

A public prosecutor who slapped defendants in a case, and ordered two policemen escorting them to do the same, was sentenced by the Federal Supreme Court to two-month imprisonment.


runaway girl traced to Fujairah hotel

All’s fair in love and war, the old saying goes. A love-smitten 14-year-old Arab girl allegedly ran away from her home in Kalba and checked herself in at a Fujairah hotel to teach her family a lesson for rejecting her boyfriend’s proposal to marry her.

Black magician arrested in Ajman

A 52-year-old Asian who allegedly conned people promising to solve their marital and psychological problems with black magic was arrested by the Ajman Police on Tuesday.

355 illegal immigrants rounded up in one week

As many as 355 persons were rounded up by the Interior Ministry personnel last week for violating laws pertaining to the entry and residency of foreigners in the UAE. The arrests include illegal immigrants.

Two held for selling illegal phone cards

The Sharjah Police on Sunday arrested two Asians including a watchman allegedly for selling illegal phone cards which enable international calls for ten hours and above. The police said it was against the communication law in the country.