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Charles Osbourn, Group CEO and Bryan Mackenzie, Managing Director of Quintica
Charles Osbourn, Group CEO and Bryan Mackenzie, Managing Director of Quintica

The solutions provider is a value-added digital service management forum for cataloguing operations, people and assets. It's the way forward.

By Ishtiaq Mehkri

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Published: Wed 10 Mar 2021, 8:15 AM

Last updated: Wed 10 Mar 2021, 10:39 AM

Quintica is much more than a digital service provider. It is all about 'thinking big and going big' when it comes to innovation and technology adoption. With its origin in South Africa, Quintica has successfully transcended borders and is one of the leading providers of service management solutions in the UAE, Middle East and Africa.

Charles Osburn, Quintica Group CEO, believes that service management will differentiate any organisation or government in terms of delivering services to its customers/citizens both in the private and public sectors, respectively. This is why IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and International Standards Organisation (ISO) parameters are big in the Middle East.

Osburn, a network engineer who first invested and took charge of Quintica in 2005, says that 'digital economy' is a huge business in this part of the world, especially the UAE, which is at the vanguard of innovation and modernisation.

Quintica is particularly adept in helping transform the communications between those who ask for a service, and all the complexity of people and systems needed to work together to deliver the service. It knows how to apply technology to businesses to achieve desired solutions in terms of workflow and automation, thus resulting in enhanced productivity.

Bryan Mackenzie, Managing Director, categorically outlines a three-step approach - establish the business rules, implement appropriate technology and manage human resource and operations. Engage, Transform and Operate. 

The company's consulting team has successfully developed a four-pillar methodology related to service management: design, implementation, empowerment and automation.

He says: "Successful transformation requires more than a strategy. Quintica walks the talk, taking responsibility for the technologies that support a new vision using a modern 'digital' approach to improving customer satisfaction and lowering operational costs."

Mackenzie, with more than a decade of service at the firm, says Quintica knows how to deploy these technologies as they have a smart team of professionals who can decipher and rewrite the rules of digital engagement to smoothen workflow. 

He says that they live up to the company's motto - 'Big Things - Great People'. "We are primarily consultants in digital transformation, and we help organisations exploit latest innovations, and make use of it through best practices."

Quintica provides a wide range of services in digital work processes, often starting with core IT Service Management configurations, HR service delivery, and other general services, then expanding into IoT, AI and robotic automation. It knows the successful approach to any ICT-related challenge depends on a structured and tested methodology.

Quintica's own "Q-Journey" provides a lifecycle consulting approach starting with assessment to service definition and actual documentation, and in most cases, ending up with a built new operating model with management dashboards and analytics showing key performance indicators daily.

The company's experience so far has been very successful, especially when there is a clear vision and sponsorship of the change project by senior executives. "We believe that technology nowadays can support standards and efficiency through more automation, freeing up the time of valuable staff to focus on more value in the organisation. The new obsession is going to be artificial intelligence, and we expect a great appetite to take advantage in the Middle East marketplace. Machines will be listening to human voices, and they will kickoff an automated process to deliver the right service. This is now, the future is already happening," he confided.

He says gone are the days when manual inputs and necessary approvals were only sought on paper.

"Even here, private and public sector organisations are embracing digital approvals and authorisations as reliable and auditable."

Quintica's services include an innovative portal supporting mobile devices to report issues across the enterprise; a platform to enable collaboration across business units and facilitate the speedier resolution; system to enable capacity planning whether people, technology or facilities, find people, monitor assets and track projects; access to real-time reports and dashboards to make data-driven decisions.

Mackenzie proudly says Quintica helps customers reduce cost and deliver a great service experience.

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