Offering Advanced Cardiac Care

Providing 360-degree solutions for heart diseases is a focus area for Burjeel, Medeor, LLH, and Lifecare Hospitals under Burjeel Holdings

Published: Thu 29 Sep 2022, 9:00 AM

Last updated: Thu 29 Sep 2022, 3:38 PM

Hospitals under Burjeel Holdings have strong cardiology departments that focus on giving hope to people suffering from heart diseases. The Burjeel, Medeor, LLH, and Lifecare brands have multidisciplinary teams offering care under different medical and surgical specialties. Among them, the cardiology department provides comprehensive solutions for preventing, treating, and managing cardiovascular problems. Led by Western-Board accredited cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons, these hospitals offer solutions ranging from preventive care to advanced interventional cardiology and a full array of surgical treatments.

Burjeel Medical City: Burjeel Medical City provides advanced cardiac care for heart patients in the UAE. The Abu Dhabi hospital's team of cardiologists, vascular, thoracic, and cardiac surgeons is skilled in handling conditions of the heart right from birth. The tertiary care centre treats various conditions, including heart attacks, syncope, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and pulmonary hypertension. Tilt table testing for syncope, physiological pacing techniques, cardiopulmonary exercise testing, cryoballoon ablation for atrial fibrillation, cardiac resynchronisation therapy for heart failure, ultra-high-definition 3D mapping of cardiac arrhythmias, and leadless pacemakers and subcutaneous defibrillator implantation are some of the services provided at Burjeel Medical City.

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Burjeel Hospitals: Apart from Burjeel Medical City, Burjeel Hospitals in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al Ain have strong cardiology departments. With advanced machinery, including ECMO, LVAD, Mobile ECMO, EVH and VATS, Burjeel is becoming a sought-after destination in cardiac care. Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi, has a state-of-the-art operation theater for cardiac-related procedures and routinely performs cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries. Burjeel Specialty Hospital, Sharjah, performs complex coronary interventions using the latest technology like IVUS/OCT/FFR/IVL, in addition to performing echocardiography/stress tests and other cardiology procedures. The facility also provides IVC filter implantation and retrieval, closure of Atrial Septal defects, implantation of Pacemaker/AICD/CRT, peripheral angiography and renal artery intervention and embolisation. Ahead of World Heart Day, at Burjeel Hospital, Al Ain, patients can avail of complimentary heart check-up packages that include blood pressure, ECG, total cholesterol, random blood sugar and haemoglobin.

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Medeor Hospitals: The Cardiology Department at Medeor hospitals in Abu Dhabi and Dubai provide expert care to patients who need management and treatment of cardiac problems, ranging from coronary artery disease to arrhythmias and more. Medeor Hospitals offer a host of services, including outpatient clinic and emergency services, management of in-patient admitted in the hospital, pre-operative cardiac evaluation, pulse oximetry, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, ECG with interpretation, stress ECG (Treadmill Test), Holter monitoring, Exercise echocardiography, Trans-Esophageal 2D echocardiography, Doppler velocimetry and colour flow mapping, Multi-detector CT coronary angiography, Coronary angiography, and Cardioversion.

Medeor Hospital, Abu Dhabi, additionally offers coronary angioplasty, balloon valvotomy, Transcatheter closure of cardiac defects, Pacemaker implantation, ICD implant, and Pulse wave analysis. This World Heart Day, Medeor Hospital, Abu Dhabi, is offering a complimentary heart check up package, including cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, ECG, and cardiology consultation.

Medeor Hospital, Dubai, is also offering a complimentary package that includes cardiology consultation and cardio calcium score test.

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LLH Hospitals: LLH hospitals distinguish themselves by providing a patient-centric approach to care and offering specialised services, tailored to each patient’s need. The Cardiology Department at LLH Hospitals in Abu Dhabi and Musaffah offer a range of services for heart patients in a caring and compassionate environment. The highly qualified doctors at these hospitals are experts in cardiovascular assessment for a diverse range of symptoms.

Both hospitals offer comprehensive clinical assessment and diagnostic testing. The services provided here include ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, Stress ECG (Treadmill Test), 2D Echocardiography, ECG with interpretation, and Pulse oximetry. These hospitals use advanced technology to treat coronary artery disease, arrhythmias, hypertension, and so on. For World Heart Day, LLH Hospitals in Abu Dhabi and Musaffah are offering a complimentary cardiology package comprising GP consultation, ECG, Total cholesterol, HDL, and Cardiology consultation.

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Lifecare Hospital: Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah, has a busy cardiology unit with a team of six cardiologists, who cater to patients in and around the region. These doctors provide specialised care for conditions like heart attack, heart failure, arrhythmia, and heart valve diseases. The department offers services such as Echocardiography, Interventional cardiology, Clinical cardiology, Colour doppler, Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, Computerised treadmill stress testing, and Holter monitoring. The hospital boasts of a fully-equipped Cath lab with an urgent care facility, a 19-bed intensive care unit, as well as round-the-clock availability of intensivists and interventional cardiologists. For World Heart Day, Lifecare Hospital offers a complimentary cardiology package comprising GP Consultation, ECG, Total cholesterol, HDL, and Cardiology consultation (if advised).

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