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Prominent dignitaries and entrepreneurs congratulate the United Arab Emirates on Hope Probe's journey to Mars

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Published: Tue 9 Feb 2021, 9:17 AM

Last updated: Tue 9 Feb 2021, 1:12 PM

Reem Al Hashimy 

UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation and 

Director General Expo 2020 Dubai

The Emirates Mars Mission is a true testament of our nation's ambitious and tenacious spirit and a moment of significant pride not only for the UAE, but for our entire region as the first interplanetary mission from the Arab World.

Mohammad Abu Zafar

Ambassador of Bangladesh to the UAE

Let me join Bangladeshi expats in the UAE in congratulating the UAE leadership and the brotherly people of the UAE on the occasion of the Mars Prove Mission's successfully entering the Mars orbit. The Mars Mission is a watershed event in the history of the UAE as well as an important scientific and technological achievement of the UAE during the golden jubilee celebration of its establishment. Bangladesh, being a Muslim country, feels proud of the UAE for the steller success in its interplanetary foray while looking forward to a cooperation in this field.

Dr Tayeb Kamali

Director General,

Education Training Development

UAE Ministry of Interior

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the UAE, the Mars Hope Mission is a significant reaffirmation of the UAE leadership's commitment to inspire future generations by demonstrating the possibilities of dreaming big based on innovation, science and technology.

Dr Sultan Hussain Karmostaji

Deputy Director General

Education Training Development

UAE Ministry of Interior

The Mars Hope Mission opens an exciting new chapter for aspiring youth to pursue rewarding STEM-based careers. With this mission, the UAE leadership continues to invest in exciting initiatives that drive passion and commitment among youth to realise their dreams and ambitions.

Dr Ahmed Bin Ali, Group Senior Vice President Corporate Communications


The Hope Probe - the first-ever Arab interplanetary mission - is set to enter the Mars' orbit today, making the UAE the fifth nation to reach the Red Planet. This marks a major historic achievement for the UAE in time for its golden jubilee. Etisalat's spherical structures atop its buildings lit up in red in a bid to raise awareness of this historic event, which is a source of great pride and inspiration for everyone in the Arab world.

Pavan Kapoor

Ambassador of India to the UAE

The journey of Al Amal or the Hope Probe to planet Mars is an important milestone in the UAE's national development. India extends its best wishes to the visionary leadership of the UAE as well as to the scientists and people involved with this project. We wish our strategic partner many more successes in its future space endeavours.

Akihiko Nakajima

Ambassador of Japan to the UAE

On the occasion of Hope Probe's entrance into Mars' orbit, I would like to congratulate the leaders of the UAE for their outstanding achievement. It is an honour for Japan to be part of this historic mission by launching the probe from our Tanegashima Space Centre last July. I believe UAE leaders' strong will and commitment are continuously demonstrating the top-level project management skills and strong leadership. We look forward to further cooperation with the UAE through space activities as well as other key industries.

Giuseppe Finocchiaro

Consul-General of Italy in Dubai

The mission of Hope Probe, expected to enter Mars' orbit today, is a great achievement of UAE. The wise leadership of the UAE is an inspiration to the whole world. The Hope Probe to Mars, which is the first Arab interplanetary mission, will contribute with its researches and scientific outcomes to the international space community, leading to a better future for humankind. We wish every success for this and future achievements.

Mishal Kanoo, Chairman

The Kanoo Group

It's not every day that an event happens where one can say in the future: 'I was there when it happened'. This will be one of the occasions because it will mark two things. The first is that it is an achievement for Humanity. The second, and more importantly for the UAE, is that it will mark to the world that an Arab country is participating in the future of mankind. This is a statement that has not been said for over three centuries. Proud to be alive to see this accomplishment but prouder to know that my country was the instigator of this achievement.

Afzaal Mahmood

Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE

I am pleased to extend heartfelt felicitations to the leadership and people of the UAE on the outstanding success of Hope Probe, the first-ever Middle Eastern Mission to reach the orbit of Red Planet, Mars. This is indeed an impressive feat and a great contribution to scientific development and human knowledge.

Aman Puri

Consul-General of India to Dubai and the Northern Emirates

The Hope Probe entering the Red Planet's orbit soon is testament that anything is possible, and the UAE is at forefront of making dreams a reality. Congratulations to the UAE leadership, the people of UAE and the great minds working on this project, and wish you all the best. The Indian Community in UAE shares immense pride to be part of a country that is both progressive and visionary.

Ahmed Amjad Ali

Consul-General of Pakistan in Dubai

My sincere congratulations to UAE, on becoming the first ever country in Arab World to reach Mars. Success of the Hope Probe mission is a matter of pride for entire Muslim world. The whole Pakistani community celebrates with UAE this success and appreciates UAE's contribution in scientific world.

Nalinda Wijerathna

Consul General of Sri Lanka to Dubai and the Northern Emirates

I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the futuristic visionary leadership of the UAE for the inspiring Emirates Mars Mission initiative that will open up a new chapter in the UAE's space programme.

Shabbir Merchant, Chairman

Champion Group and

Managing Director

Champion Neon

For the UAE, setting milestones is second nature as its visionary leaders work tirelessly to lay down the foundation for a progressive community. Change is constant and we have learned to stay ahead of the curve, as we march towards a new digital era. The Mars Hope Probe, as it touches its destined orbit, will prove to be yet another technological advancement for the UAE, opening up portals of opportunities and economic prosperity.

Yusuffali MA, Chairman

LuLu Group

What a monumental achievement and a historical moment. Absolutely proud and exciting to be here in this great country and witness this huge technological advancement not only for the UAE but for the entire Arab world. As we get ready to celebrate the 50th year of UAE, the Hope mission will surely bring in the much needed and hope and prosperity to the youth and entire mankind, especially during these challenging times. I am sure the success of this mission will further boost the UAE's confidence to go ahead with bigger and more impactful initiatives in future. I join millions around the world to put on record sincere gratitude and congratulate the visionary leaders of the UAE, who have always been the torchbearers of innovations and proactiveness, and also the entire team behind this great project. Tonight, Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi will turn red.

KV Thomas, Chairman

Thomsun Group

The success of the Mars Mission is a defining moment in the UAE's great leap into the future as a technology-driven nation, and is truly symbolic of its infinite aspirations in the race for excellence. Our heartiest congratulations to the visionary leaders and the scientific fraternity who scripted this amazing feat.

Paras Shahdadpuri, Chairman

Nikai Group

I wish UAE's Mars Mission Hope Probe all success as it manoeuvres the critical phase of entering the Martian gravity. This is a historic path-breaking scientific advancement by the first Arab country. And also, it is the youngest country in the world that has dared to push the scientific frontiers of space and join the select club of a few countries of the world in Space Technology. Our heartiest congratulations.

Colm McLoughlin, Executive Vice Chairman and CEO 

Dubai Duty Free 

Congratulations to the UAE and to its leaders as the Hope Probe marks a new milestone in the UAE's history. The success of the Arab world's first interplanetary mission is a momentous occasion for the UAE, especially in a year that marks its 50th Anniversary. This is indeed a very proud moment for us all. 


Deepak Babani, Executive Vice Chairman

Eros Group

The epic mission of Hope Probe is a defining moment in the UAE's breathtaking journey spanning half a century. The success of the programme resonates with the UAE leadership vision of making possible dreams that may appear impossible to achieve.

PNC Menon, Chairman

Sobha Group

The Hope Probe epitomises the UAE's boundless spirit for innovation and game-changing initiatives. A shining example of the aspirations of this relatively young nation's visionary leadership and innovation-driven citizens.

Adeeb Ahamed, Managing Director

LuLu Financial Holdings

The journey from the desert to Mars champions the UAE's continuing tryst with innovation to become a pioneer in the field of science and technology. The Hope Mars Mission symbolises the incredible resourcefulness shown by the UAE all along to empower its youth and become an economy of the future. On this momentous occasion, I convey my heartiest congratulations to the Government of the UAE and all the people who have worked tirelessly for the success of this mission.

Iqbal Dawood, Director

Pakistan Business Council

I congratulate the UAE's leadership, its scientists and residents on achieving this milestone.

Being a resident of the UAE for over 40 years, I am proud of this magnificent achievement that make the UAE first in the Arab World to achieve this significant achievement. I wish success in all the endeavours and long-life for the UAE's leadership.

Dr Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman and MD

Aster DM Healthcare

Heartiest congratulations to the visionary rulers of the UAE on this momentous occasion of the Hope Probe's Mars Orbit Insertion. It is most appropriate that this great scientific achievement is applauded by the Arab world through nationwide 'red salute'.

Rizwan Sajan, Founder and Chairman

Danube Group

The UAE's Mars Mission is a great inspiration to all of us living in the Arab World, and it reflects the courage and vision of the UAE's leadership who are allocating resources for the scientific and technological advancement of the UAE. As the Mission approaches Mars, we congratulate the UAE and its leadership.

Sharad Bhandari, Managing Partner


Upon arrival at the Red Planet, the Hope Probe will provide deep insights into the nature of the Martian environment. By creating the first complete picture of the Martian atmosphere, the probe will help further global scientific research and exploration of Mars. At Ardent, we similarly strive to help our clients understand the complete picture based on in-depth research and analysis. Our teams provide high quality advisory services to our clients in the GCC, helping them successfully achieve their global ambitions.

Surender Singh Kandhari, Chairman

Al Dobowi Group

It is a proud moment for all Emiratis and residents of the UAE. The Mars mission is entering the red planet in soon, and we are all excited and blessed to be part of this celebration. The UAE is in the forefront setting a new order in all fields - space tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

Faizal Kottikollon, Chairman

KEF Holdings

Dreams and realities invariably go hand in hand with the UAE and inspiring leaders. The nation makes all of its dreams come true thanks to the farsightedness and determination of its leadership. The success of Hope Probe is a glowing testimony to the UAE's track record of remarkable achievements.

Ram Buxani, Chairman

ITL-Cosmos Group

I arrived in Dubai in 1959 and Trucial States had just an air strip run by RAF. From no airport to mission to Mars, it is a long journey the UAE has completed in shortest time. That is vision of leadership. Rulers of this country deserve all the appreciation. We are indeed proud to be part of this progress. Wish the spacemen all the success in installing the UAE flag on red planet.

Joy Alukkas, Chairman

Alukkas Group

I pray and eagerly wait to celebrate this historic moment. The leaders of the UAE have made this nation great with their foresight and vision, and the success of 'Hope Probe' will be another leap for the nation and mankind.

Kamal Vachani, Group Director

Al Maya Group

I feel proud to say the UAE's space mission means so much more than its potential contribution to the field of science. All credit goes to the country's leadership and the team involved in this historic mission for working day and night. The UAE's space orbiter is the game-changer.

Bharat Bhatia, CEO


UAE's Hope Probe is an extraordinary achievement. The Mars mission emblematises both the success and hard work put in by the UAE's own team of experts. We are thrilled and proud to celebrate February 9, when the Hope probe attempts to enter the Red Planet's orbit.

Amedeo Scarpa

Italian Trade Commissioner to the UAE

Italian Trade Agency

We wish to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the UAE for this historical milestone, putting the country once again at the forefront of technology and research. The professional quality and perseverance reflect the attention of this country's leadership to the progress and greater good of the world. We are ready for more cooperation within Italy in this field too. Congratulations to #Arabs2Mars

Dr Raphael Nagel, Chairman

Abrahamic Business Circle

It is an exhilarating experience to be in an era where all things are possible. I am excited for this new phase together with the visionary leaders of the UAE. This is another outstanding achievement where recently has converted itself as the first country to sign the Abrahamic Peace Accords.

Anis Sajan, Managing Director

Danube Group

The Hope Probe is a symbol of the vision of our leadership and is a message of the optimism and confidence that we all hold in the UAE. Forty-eight hours away from the most critical part of this historic voyage, we send our hearty congratulations!

Dr Thumbay Moideen, Founder President

Thumbay Group

Thumbay Group congratulates the UAE government, the futuristic vision of the leaders and the residents on the occasion of its successful mission to Mars. This is a breakthrough for the Arab community, and a huge leap in advancing space technology for the benefit of the mankind. The UAE has always been unique and a great country for millions of expats who are all proud to be able to live in this beautiful country.

Mauro Marzocchi, Secretary General

Italian Industry and Commerce Office in the UAE

With sights set on the frontier of space, the UAE has demonstrated the ambition of its leaders and their commitment to push the country towards the sustainable future. The Mars Hope Probe is expected to reach the planet's orbit soon, and as one of the youngest countries in the world to have a space programme, this is an incredible feat. The opportunities that await us is exciting and will open up a new chapter as we march towards a knowledge-based economy. We are proud to be part of this future-driven country and congratulate UAE leaders and the space research team for long-term success. The extraordinary mission is a feat for all of us Italians in the UAE as well, who consider the nation as their second home. 

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