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Dr. Rashed bin Huzaim, Founder Grow Healthy Food clarifies misconceptions around healthy eating

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Dr. Rashed bin Huzaim,Founder,Grow Healthy Food
Dr. Rashed bin Huzaim,Founder,Grow Healthy Food

Published: Tue 30 Nov 2021, 12:43 PM

*Tell us about the journey of your company in the region

Grow Healthy Food was established in 2019 with the goal of becoming Dubai’s premier restaurant, offering healthy food with a difference. Most people associate healthy food with unappetising recipes. This is exactly what Grow Healthy Food wanted to make a difference in, creating tasty, nutritious and equally sumptuous meals that would leave clients looking forward to their next meal. We have had an a la carte menu that has proved to be a success among those who saw Grow Healthy Food through its first two years. By the end of 2020, we introduced a monthly meal plan with subscriptions, that are growing by the month and is now being delivered to homes and offices across the seven emirates. It is through this concerted effort that Grow Healthy Food seeks to further solidify its presence in the healthy food market of Dubai and its surrounding areas.

*What according to you constitutes healthy eating?

It all depends on a balanced diet, that includes the major food components in its perfect proportions, as well as including food variety that caters to the different types of food from all the food groups, containing essential nutrients needed to allow the body to nourish itself in the best way.

*Is there a specific cuisine that is more suited to healthy eating?

All our cuisines are considered healthy, as they use fresh ingredients and depend on unprocessed food. Mediterranean cuisine and Greek cuisine specifically are often highly recommended as they are rich in omega-3 nutrients and based on plenty of fruits and vegetables.

*How has the global pandemic affected the eating habits of the population?

In hard times people often find comfort in food which was the case during this pandemic as well. Negative feelings lead some people toward emotional eating, making them consume much higher calories than usual, including unhealthy ingredients. At Grow Healthy Food, we identified the gap between comfort eating and healthy eating, and saw it as a potential opportunity, which is why we are here today.

*How important is a healthy and active lifestyle to compliment healthy eating?

We should always emphasise on healthy eating first because it remains the number one factor responsible for a healthier life. However, adding an active lifestyle contributes to more sustainable health benefits over time.

*What advice would you give to people looking to adopt a healthier eating style?

It’s Important to not confuse healthy eating with eating dull food. There are ways to eat your favourite food in a healthy way. Shifting to healthy eating is not about making major changes to your current diet. Rather, one should make very small adjustments that will turn any type of food into an enjoyable and healthy one.


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