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The country’s commitment to becoming a digital hub is spear-headed by the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA)

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Kenneth Brincat, CEO, MDIA.
Kenneth Brincat, CEO, MDIA.

Published: Fri 1 Dec 2023, 5:25 PM

Malta’s thriving digital and high-tech industry has achieved such remarkable and consistent growth in recent years that it is now responsible for a fifth of GDP. This impressive success can be traced back to the government’s bold and visionary decision in 2018 to pro-mote and incentivise related projects and businesses, a move which generated plenty of attention from other countries.

The country’s commitment to becoming a digital hub is spear-headed by the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), which was created five years ago to promote governmental policies that emphasise Malta as a centre of excellence for technological innovation. The MDIA also has an important role in the setting and enforcing of standards and frameworks of standardisation that ensure compliance with international obligations. Over the past half decade, the dynamic and award-winning authority has played a key role in shaping Malta’s digital landscape, with key mile-stones and achievements including the high-profile launch of the exciting Strategy and Vision for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Malta 2030.

The blueprint was developed to support and sharpen the government’s focus on investment, resources and attention to maximise benefits for Malta and its contributions to the global economy. “We have three targets: The first is the digital AI literacy of our population. The second is to attract investment in AI in Malta and the third is having e-government services by using AI,” says Kenneth Brincat, CEO of MDIA.

"We also have a number of initiatives to help small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We will soon have high-performance computing avail-able to start-ups, SMEs and research institutions, “The MDIA also provides scholarships for students keen to continue their studies at a Master’s or PHD level in AI, blockchain, or cyber security. Scholarships enrich the expertise in our country."

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