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Configure your vehicle with an explosion protection by best and proven German technology

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Published: Mon 20 Feb 2023, 10:36 AM

Life is precious. At any given moment, one should take care to avoid accidents and incidents that put one’s life at risk. This is why explosion protection should be considered in cars, boats or other means of transportation with combustion engine, to protect life and property. TEXOGA lies at the cutting-edge of technology regarding prevention of fire and explosion. With its advanced solutions, TEXOGA has been instrumental in saving lives worldwide.

One of the leading causes of explosion are minor leaks in the fuel tank due to which any means of transportation with combustion engine can easily catch fire. This includes military vehicles as well as speed boats such as interceptors etc. which are exposed to missile attacks.

This is where TEXOGA comes in with its role in explosion-prevention and protection technology, which aims to save people’s lives from mishap. The Deto-Stop Explosion Prevention System relies on a precision engineered proprietary aluminum alloy mesh providing extraordinary protection from explosive combustion in fuel tanks and other vessels containing flammable liquids and gases.

The Deto-Stop special aluminum alloy has been developed to provide rapid thermal conductivity, rigid mesh structure, crush strength and superior corrosion resistance. This proprietary alloy is custom machined according to customer requirements in a patented production line to create an extraordinarily lightweight aluminum alloy mesh which, when installed in a fuel tank or other vessel containing flammable liquids or gases, will prevent explosive combustion.

This is what makes TEXOGA the market leader in explosion protection and prevention for all kinds of fuel tanks in the defense and security sector. TEXOGA is fully approved and certified by various civil and military car manufacturers including, but not limited to NATO, WHO, German Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Ministry of Interior, USA MoD, Italian MoD and many others.

The solutions are also provided for civilian vehicles such as Toyota Pathfinder, Mercedes G-Model, Transport Truck, etc. as well as various armed tracked and wheeled military vehicles, speed boats, fast speed interceptor, yachts, etc.

In addition to the above capability TEXOGA has developed a mobile CBRN container-based unit that can optionally be mounted on trucks providing easy handling to decontaminate all kinds of means of transportation as well as individuals from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear contamination.

The principle of the concept is to allow decontamination in hostile and unstable infrastructure. The focus is on monitoring the environment with technical devices to detect chemical, radiological, and biological agents.

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