A Message of Unity and Friendship

Published: Fri 15 Mar 2024, 9:41 AM

Last updated: Fri 15 Mar 2024, 9:43 AM

Alison Milton, Ambassador of Ireland to the UAE extends warm greetings and advocates for global peace and togetherness

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As the Irish Ambassador to the UAE, I am honoured to extend my warmest greetings for St Patrick’s Day to all the people who call this great country home, and in particular, our vibrant Irish community in the UAE.

For the Irish, St Patrick’s Day is a time when we celebrate our identity and heritage. Across the globe, the day is marked by parades, music, and dance. However, St Patrick’s Day is not just a day for wearing green or enjoying traditional Irish music; it is a day to promote unity, friendship, and inclusivity.

But “celebrating” is hard to do at this time, as there has been ongoing conflict and tension, along with disturbing events that have garnered global attention.

Ireland continues to strongly argue for the upholding of international humanitarian law, an immediate ceasefire, and sustained scale up of humanitarian assistance to be provided to the civilians in Gaza. Ireland is thankful to our friends in the UAE, who have been consistent in their condemnation of violence and calls for the protection of civilians, an end to this conflict, and peace in the Middle East.

Since I arrived here, I have been proud to witness the strong friendship between Ireland and the UAE continue to flourish. 2023 was a significant year for our relationship, with Ireland’s strong delegation, including five ministers, contributing to the UAE’s successful hosting of COP28.

On St Patrick’s Day, I look forward with excitement to a further deepening of our relationship in 2024.

Sláinte agus saol agat.

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