Video: RTA launches Smart Testing Yard at Dubai Driving Center

Video: RTA launches Smart Testing Yard at Dubai Driving Center

Dubai - Increases testing rate by 72% and reduce operational costs.

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Published: Sat 24 Mar 2018, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Sun 25 Mar 2018, 2:40 PM

Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai, has launched the Smart Training and Testing Yard for testing drivers at the Dubai Driving Center in Al Quoz.
The Yard is fitted with smart driver-testing vehicles capable of detecting areas of testing manoeuvres and driver's response to each maneuver, thanks to sophisticated cameras linked to a central processor capable of capturing all data, computing errors automatically, and automatically judging if the applicant has passed or failed.
According to the expansion plan of smart yards, which started with two yards last February, the number will rise to as much as 16 smart testing yards by the last quarter of this year.
Al Tayer was briefed about the system used in the smart yards for testing drivers with the aim of ensuring transparency and reducing human errors by relying on a smart system free from examiner's intervention.
The system increases efficiency of testing through the automated operation, improved safety through technologies to fend off accidents and providing a smart environment for personnel to work in. The system can provide a personalised driving experience to increase the efficiency of trainees, and accelerate the turnover of yard testing procedures. Accordingly, it increases the intake of trainees subjected to test, saves human resources, increases the testing rates by 72%, and reduces operational costs.

Hi-tech Yard

The Smart Testing Yard is fitted with a control tower enabling the examiner to monitor multiple vehicles at a time. A log of all testing stages will be saved to ensure fairness in assessing the test result; which can be retrieved upon request.
Vehicles are fitted with a tablet, central processing unit, and five internal, front, back and side cameras. They are also fitted with sensors to identify the face, sensors in the steering wheel, brake, engine and collision.
To enhance the smart testing system, the testing yard is provided with special signs for the vehicle to identify the five manoeuvring areas once it passes across them, thanks to the side cameras fitted to the vehicle. Images and details are then transmitted through ground sensors to the advanced processor to work out the result. Through the tablet, it will be possible to explain the required manoeuvres using voice messages during the test.
As for safety and security, vehicles are fitted with a safety system considered the first of its kind worldwide. The vehicle can come to a complete halt in case the speed exceeds 35 kmph, or if it approaches an object to the front of a vehicle driving at a speed of 20 kmph, or in the event of crashing into an obstacle in the front.

More Smart Yards in Dubai

According to the expansion plan of the Testing Yard, which has started with two yards last February in Dubai Driving Center at Al Quoz and Belhasa Driving Center at Al Quoz, two new yards will be delivered at the Emirates Driving Institute at Al Qusais, and Galadari Driving Center at Al Quoz.
In May, four new testing yards will be added to Belhasa Institute at Jebel Ali, Dubai International Driving Center, Al Ahali Driving Institute at Al Quoz and Al Ahli Driving Institute at Jebel Ali.
In September, eight yards will be added to Galadari Driving Center at Al Qusais, Dubai Driving Center at Al Qusais, Belhasa Driving Institute at Al Wasl, Belhasa Driving Institute at Nad Al Hamar, Emirates Driving Institute at Al Quoz, Emirates Driving Institute at Rashid Port, Dubai Driving Center at Jumeirah, and Emirates Transport Driving Institute at Warsan.

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