Peace and tolerance are at the heart of policymaking in the UAE

By James Pullatt

Published: Fri 28 Aug 2020, 2:03 PM

Last updated: Fri 28 Aug 2020, 4:04 PM

The UAE-Israel Peace Accord is a great leap forward and I congratulate the leadership for this.  
The UAE has been my home for almost 25 years and I carry fond memories of building a family here in a peaceful environment. I am happy to see my second home country taking the leadership mantle of a new world order, a new order of peace. I am thrilled to see this small country of just over 10 million people paving the path to peace, tolerance and a new world order. Once again, the leadership is proving they do what they say - practice tolerance. Once again the UAE is proving nothing is impossible.  
By hosting the visit of Pope Francis, interfaith conference, building a mosque, a church, and a synagogue in one compound, the UAE is setting the stage for a peaceful future.  
With the recent launch of the Hope Mission, the emirates has raised the expectations. I doubt if there is any country in the world that is comparable to the UAE. It is a great country that creates opportunities and pushes its people to dream big and achieve it all. Yes, a country with two million citizens is home to another eight million from over 200 countries. 
I hope other countries will join hands with the UAE to create a better place for our future generations.
Thank you, Rulers. I salute you. 
-James Pullatt, Dubai

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