Mujahid Ali Khan winning hearts through poetry

Published: Fri 12 Aug 2022, 11:43 AM

Last updated: Fri 12 Aug 2022, 11:45 AM

Mujahid Ali Khan, a Delhi-based writer and an award-winning poet, writes poetry with words that trigger immense feelings and emotions in the mind of the readers. His poems are like broken ceilings and his words are like the plaster that falls out and makes its way into the hearts of the people. He pens down his verses which touch the heart and soul of the people. Whether it is about love or friendship or the struggles of life that are reflected in Khan's poems, whoever reads them can easily relate them to their own life. That is why the medicine of pain and peace of the heart is the poetry of Khan.

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Every day for Khan begins with a new thought, a new way of looking at the world around us, and making readers think differently. Sometimes he comes up with motivating and inspiring ideas. These reflections are turned into tight verses in Urdu, sometimes a ghazal, or a couplet, which he then polishes and posts on social media. The results are there to see - a stream of likes, shares and an increasing number of new fans and followers.

Khan begins his day by thanking God. He is at his best in expressing ideas through poetical means, especially emotions and feelings that otherwise would remain unexpressed. The resulting verses touch the mind, heart and soul of his readers.

One theme is always present in his writings, love. In addition, he dedicates his mini-epics to those who taught and inspired him. Not taboo are themes that are sordid or out of the ordinary, as these characters and subjects give to his poetry the edginess of a movie.

“Poetry is here to motivate us, improve our confidence, and make us see life from a different lens. It begins right in the morning when we send greetings and good thoughts across to our friends, family and others. I am just doing a small job by giving everyone fine thoughts and words to read and share,” says Khan.

Khan has published his unlimited number of couplets and many pieces of ‘ghazal’ poetry on popular websites, newspapers, and social channels. Among his awards, he won the first prize at Infosys Got Talent. He has also performed in Dubai in front of a packed audience, which included bollywood personalities, an event for cancer survivors and awareness. It was attended by many prestigious personalities as well as cancer survivors whose hearts he hopes to have touched. He also participated in Miss and Mr Teen contest during his school days the event took place in New Delhi- India.

On social media, he considers his Facebook and website fans as part of his family and stays in touch with them through regular postings. The themes of love and peace keep reverberating in his verses. Readers are also reminded constantly that they are alive and well.

His hands were full of dreams. He is close to releasing his app and a memoir and expecting to make a break in Bollywood too. After receiving numerous followers on Facebook for his daily poetry and couplets and winning several awards and competitions, Khan is working hard to be recognised as a poet par excellence.

Ghazals are dear to Khan, and he pours out his heart and soul into them. The topics revolve around life and love, and the musings are drawn from life and relatable to all readers. Also popular are romantic ghazals, and a special corner is reserved for verses dedicated to his beloved mother.

Today, Khan is earning new fans following every day. To make his bond with his readers stronger, he will soon publish his mobile app and his memoir. Both will give a glimpse into his life and times, and make his thoughts come alive to a world audience. Khan is surely winning the hearts of audiences through his verses. The modern poet is being showered with love and respect from his fans all over the world.

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