UAE: Families prepare differently before schools reopen after summer holidays

Many utilise this two weeks’ time to go for a vacation, staycation, doctor’s visit or back-to-school shopping

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Nandini Sircar

Published: Tue 16 Aug 2022, 6:48 PM

Last updated: Tue 16 Aug 2022, 10:38 PM

Families in the UAE are preparing differently before children go back-to-school in two weeks’ time.

Some are going on a final holiday; others have planned a staycation, and many are busy visiting doctors or doing some last-minute shopping before schools reopen on August 29.

While the two months long holiday is nearing its end, most families want to enjoy some memorable downtime with their loved ones before they start setting their alarm clocks again and the worries of a new school year flooding their minds.

Sindya Sundar says, “We are going for a holiday to South Africa before the schools finally reopen. It is something that my husband has been closely planning. We are undertaking the trip to the Garden Route which is a 300-kilometre stretch of coastal road on the southwest tip of South Africa. This is also regarded as the most beautiful region in the country. Then we’ll go to Port Elizabeth where the kids will hopefully enjoy some penguin and whale watching.”

Then we’ll be going to the Addo Elephant National Park which is a diverse wildlife conservation park. This is also being done especially for the children who would then enjoy some more nature and wildlife. So, my family and I are really looking forward to the trail, seeing the dunefield, forest and the unspoilt coastline. Once the schools reopen it's going to be a maddening routine again. Therefore, we thought let’s make the most of the holidays.


American expat in the UAE, Shukri Deria opines doctors’ visits are surely on her ‘back-to-school to-do-list’ even as she plans a quick outing within the UAE, with her family.

“We are finishing all our doctors’ appointments now, before the schools reopen. This entails the regular checkups. Then I’ll take my daughter to the tailor to get some clothes stitched. Tomorrow is also the day for the six months cleaning which we normally do in North America. Then we have a visit to the orthodontist for my daughter. There is also an appointment with the ophthalmologist. My kids have also attended quite a few different summer camps this year and are continuing to do so. We’ll then be catching up with a few friends whom we’ve not met up in a while. Finally, we’ll be going for a staycation to Ras-al-Khaimah from Thursday to Saturday,” says the Abu Dhabi resident who has two children.

Others feel taking a step away from one’s established family routines can trigger refreshed thinking and reinforce love and appreciation before the drill begins again.

Shreya Chakraborti says, “We went to India last month to meet our families back home. But before the schools reopen for another academic year, I was keen on doing a final outing as a family. So, we are headed to Georgia next week. The last few weeks before schools reopen are always crucial as a lot of pending work related to uniforms and back-to-school purchases remain due. I am mostly done with all that for my child.”

She adds, “After the session begins, within a few weeks, studies will resume in full swing. Often unit tests or other exams also commence. Therefore, I thought this is the best time for an outing with the weather getting better at most places. Also, I believe family holidays improve communication between parents and children as people enjoy a relaxed time together. Additionally, it leaves a family with the joy of shared experiences. Thus, to me this trip is important before the hectic morning routine begins once again.”

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