Sustainability across the curriculum at early learning centre in Dubai

Curriculum is crafted to instil an understanding and appreciation for environmental conservation


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Published: Sun 7 Jan 2024, 3:56 PM

IDEA Early Learning Centre in Victory Heights, Dubai has announced the launch of the first sustainability curriculum designed specifically for nursery age children. Committed to fostering environmental consciousness from a young age, the centre has introduced a programme that integrates sustainability principles into its early childhood curriculum.

The curriculum is crafted to instil an understanding and appreciation for environmental conservation among young learners. Through hands-on activities, engaging lessons, and interactive experiences, children will embark on a journey to explore the wonders of nature, understand the importance of conservation, and learn practical ways to contribute positively to the planet.

“We believe that early education plays a pivotal role in shaping environmentally conscious individuals,” said Claire Walker, Director of IDEA Early Learning Centre. “Our sustainability curriculum goes beyond traditional learning by providing hands-one experiences that empower children to become stewards of the environment.”

The sustainability curriculum includes:

Nature-Based Learning: Children engage in outdoor activities that foster a direct connection with nature, promoting a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Hands-On Projects: Interactive projects allow children to explore renewable energy, recycling, composting, and gardening, fostering a deeper understanding of sustainable practices.

Community Engagement: Collaborative initiatives within the community help children understand the broader impact of sustainable actions and encourage active participation.

By integrating these principles into the curriculum, the centre aims to nurture environmentally conscious children who are equipped to make a positive impact on the world.

Teachers, parents and children work towards shared understandings as children begin their journey as responsible citizens of the world. Teachers explore topics ranging from urban farming, climate change, recycling, water and energy and the children have fun whilst getting their hands dirty.

“At IDEA Early Learning Centre, we believe in fostering a profound connection between children and nature. Our innovative farming curriculum for our children is designed to instil a deep understanding of the agricultural world and cultivate an appreciation for sustainable practices from an early age. Through hands-on experiences, our young learners engage in various farming activities, from planting seeds and nurturing crops to caring for animals. These experiences provide invaluable lessons on responsibility, teamwork, and the interconnectedness of our ecosystem. By immersing children in the farming process, we aim to nurture a sense of stewardship for the environment and an appreciation for where our food comes from,” Walker said.

IDEA has previously been recognised as one of the best international nurseries by the Nursery and Day Care Association in the United Kingdom, with a reputation built upon strong partnerships with parents, and early years literacy excellence. By fostering a supportive environment that celebrates the joy of reading, the center aims to empower children to become confident and enthusiastic readers.

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