Rock On...

It was more than a show. It was music, talent, humour and globs of good fun. Something to make a song and dance about….and they did.

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Published: Sun 28 Nov 2010, 12:10 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 1:05 PM

They didn’t just set the place on fire with their music. They flamed the forest. A crowd of over 2500 crammed the venue went into raptures as the Fusion show featuring the incredible Shankar Mahadavan(of Shankar Ehsan Loy fame) and his new partner in crime Boman Irani kept them zipping from one hit to another for nearly 120 minutes at the Shaikh Rashid Auditorium.

These guys are good. And adding a slash of super glamour was Dia Mirza who was generous enough to talk to City Times even as the show rolled on from one hit to the next and Boman did his patter with the front row VIPs.

On stage Shankar had the audience cheering wildly and joining in the songfest. The guy can enthrall the audience, he plays them like a fiddle and the power and energy he brings to his performance has a magnetic quality to it. There is no warm up. He comes on hot and stays hot. I cannot think of another person who excites this kind of east-west passion besides A.R. Rahman. When Shankar went into his two minute rendition of breathless, a song where you don’t exhale even once, he ended up with a quick explanation of the technique but folks were stomping around far too much…and they were breathless, anyway.

Dia shares a few secrets with us…

You are emerging as a style icon on the social scene ……any comments?

I don’t have a stylist. I dress depending on the occasion and my mood.

What are the season colors for winter?

White and Red

About Dubai….?

I have family here so I do come often. The people are warm, friendly and very welcoming. It is difficult to pick a favourite as the food and venues are absolutely tops. Every thing is 100% super here.

Tips to a Glowing complexion……..?

Eat food closest to its original form …you will see the results.

5 things that Dia Mirza always carries with her

My mobile, hand sanitizer, home keys, wallet and Lip Balm.

The WOW parts of a show that was pretty much wow all the way.

Shankar telling the audience that music is a universal language with only seven notes any how you hack it, then taking six sentences at random from the crowd and using the scale, creating a song from those sentences.

Boman leaving his lisp from 3 idiots in the greenroom and knocking of “We are the World in six different voices.

A really heartwarming duet between BI who sang ‘My Way’(byFrank Sinatra) in English and Shankar Mahadevan echoing him with “Kal ho na ho” in Hindi.

Then dramatic mayhem by the melodymakers as they challenged each other with a range of instruments…drums, percussions, guitars, tables, dhol it rises to a crescendo and you ride each wave of sound like you would crest a series of ‘whiteheads’ on the beach.

Altogether it was one heck of an evening. Sa re ga ma, de re mi fa, it’s the language of love.

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