‘Priyanka is better than Kareena’

NEWCOMER HARMAN Baweja has added fuel to fire with his latest statement about Kareena Kapoor. Said Harman, “Priyanka has done a better job than Kareena could ever have done in Love Story 2050.

Kareena’s acting is so robotic. She could have been one of the robots in the film.” (In a subsequent interview with City Times, Harman denied making any such statement) This is a slap in the face of Kareena. A shocking statement for a newcomer to make. But Harman has an axe to grind with Kareena if not two.

Kareena was the first choice for Love Story 2050. Harry Baweja had wanted to cast her opposite son Harman.

Talks went on for a while and Kareena was signed on after a lot of haggling about her price. Then Kareena started getting better offers with more prominent male stars. She had a change of heart and suddenly ditched Harry, without any substantial reason.

She had allotted the dates, the price was set and all the planning had taken place. It is said that she had even shot for a few scenes with Harman.

The reason cited by insiders was that Kareena did not want to risk her career with a newcomer.

This was a huge shock for Harry and Harman Baweja. This is when good friend Priyanka stepped in and saved the day.

To add insult to injury, Kareena has been back biting Priyanka.

She passed remarks about how Priyanka had taken on a role she had rejected.

But the Kareena and Priyanka enemity goes back a long time.

Insiders say Kareena and Priyanka were once friends. That was when Priyanka was new to the industry. They gelled well on the sets of Aitraaz.

However, post Aitraaz, Kareena was reportedly shocked when Priyanka suddenly emerged a star and walked away with the bou quets. Priyanka had suddenly become a competitor and Kareena did not like that. That is when she began distancing herself from Priyanka.

A couple of years later the two actresses met for a show in Antwerp. An incident occurred when the two had a huge fight and almost came to blows.

At the time of the Pepsi ad with Shah Rukh Khan both individually made it clear that they wanted equal screen space or else they would not do it. It was more than evident at this shoot that the two disliked each other.

To make matters worse, in Salaam-E-ishq, Priyanka had to do a spoof on ‘Poo” the character Kareena played in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, making an obvious dig at Kareena. The later did not take lightly to this and the tension between the two worsened.

Kareena who could not keep her feeling hidden made a rather rude dig about Priyanka to a newspaper saying she did not consider Priyanka an ‘actress’.

Priyanka was hurt and annoyed when she read this. Kareena has been making snide remarks about Priyanka for some time now.

A source close to Priyanka says, “Priyanka is a total diplomat. She is always very careful with the words she uses in all her interviews. She will never say anything unpleasant about her colleagues in public. She had refused to comment on Kareena even on Karan Johar’s chat show, ‘Koffee with Karan’.” So one wonders if Priyanka’s silent suffering has triggered off boyfriend Harman to openly hit out at Kareena? After all, how long can one stand by and watch their girlfriend get hit time after time?

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