I’m not size zero: Kareena

KAREENA KAPOOR hardly steps out alone these days. Boyfriend Saif Ali Khan ensures that he’s there with Bebo everywhere, all the time. So even when she came to perform at a private party over the weekend, he was there. He first waited for Bebo backstage, ...

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Published: Wed 7 May 2008, 9:57 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 3:39 PM

then in his room and finally in the hotel lounge.

Now, how does Bebo explain Saif’s all-pervasive presence?

“Saif does one film at a time and I do around five. I’m a workaholic and am constantly on the go. There’s work happening in my life always but his life is different from mine.”

Is she implying that Saif isn’t a workaholic?

“Not that, it is just that he, on principle, does just one film at a time,” she answers.

Saif’s one film or Kareena’s five, nothing stops Saif from wearing his heart on his sleeve — from his tattoo to cutting his hand to show how much he loved her to accompanying Kareena to all events?

“Yes, he does wear his heart on his sleeve. All that he does for me sure makes me happy but it is very dangerous too,” she says.

It’ll be right to say that she is going through the happiest phase of her life then?

“On the professional front, it has been a great year. Jab We Met was a great success and my character Geet in it was just too good,” she answers.

And all the awards were practically hers this year! “Yes, that too. I bagged many of them. It’s a happy feeling and it will be right to say that I am in a happy frame of mind,” she adds.

But what happened with Tashan?

“The film didn’t work. First, it wasn’t released in multiplexes and second, people created a hue and cry about my losing so much weight for the film. They kept saying how I had worked hard to become size zero. Look at me, do you think I’m size zero? I’m just thin and that’s that! They even said I’m anorexic. I’d like to clear that I like to be fit and healthy and not anorexic thin. I believe in fitness and work towards that.”

But people were also disappointed when they didn’t see her and Saif sizzle on screen.

“That wasn’t possible in this film. We weren’t even paired together. But then I’m not the director of the film, I’m just an actor,” she quips.

And Kareena says there is a lot happening in her career.

“I’m doing a Dharma Production film that will release close to Diwali. Then there is a Renzil D’souza film with Saif, also Golmaal Returns, Main aur Mrs Khanna with Salman Khan and Idiots with Aamir Khan. It’s a busy time and I’m totally looking forward to it.”

But hasn’t Bebo, once tagged snooty and high headed, changed for the better?

“It’s been a long journey. It is hard for me to figure out why I was made up to be somebody I wasn’t. But then people always tend to support the underdog and Kareena has never been an underdog. Everybody thought that I had too easy a way into Bollywood but that isn’t true. I have had my fair share of struggle in this industry. I’ve worked really hard to get where I am.”

Hail the princess then? “That’s for you guys to decide. This is my place in the sun,” she says.

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