It is not always that Mahima Chaudhary gets nervous and tense. But this time, she is. At least, she seems to be. She is promoting Sujoy Ghosh's Home Delivery where she has attempted comedy for the first time...

By N. Anandhi (Contributor)

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Published: Wed 16 Nov 2005, 1:05 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 3:07 PM

— "I did Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar, but there I had a serious character though the film was a laugh-riot. In Home Delivery, I have great humorous lines. That's making me a bit nervous — whether the audience accept it or not," she wonders in a chat.

You knew director Sujoy Ghosh for a long time. Is that's why he cast you?

Just because he is a friend doesn't mean that he will cast me even in a role that doesn't suit me. That's stupid, I think. I know Sujoy since the time he was associated with music. Ours is a long relationship yet he didn't cast me in his first film (Jhankaar Beats). If friends cast friends in movies, ideally he should have, right?

For this role, he did cast you, though.

Yes, he did. It is one of the most challenging roles I have ever done. Till now, I have been looked as a serious actress — an actress who only cries, be it in Pardes or Dil Hai Tumhara. But this role is definitely going to free me from that image. And I have no one but Sujoy to thank. He brought the best from me. He knew that I have funny instincts. It was I who wasn't sure — I used to tell him, 'Are you sure Sujoy what you are doing is right?' and he would be like, 'Trust me Mahima.' And my God, he was damn right — when I saw the rushes, I was rolling down. It turned out so well.

Why is your film Sarhad Paar stuck?

I think there are some problems from the producer's side. It is such a nice subject with such a strong message. I can just hope it gets a good release.

Lately, why have you been doing experimental movies like Hope and a Little Sugar and The Film?

For me, it is immaterial whether the film is commercial or art-type. Firstly, there is no such divide. It exists in the mind of a select few. For me, what is important is that the script is good, the banner is trustworthy and that the cast is fabulous. There has to be every ingredient for the right mix. Hope and a Little Sugar is a great theme, whereas The Film is about a bunch of strugglers, offering an interesting take on film industry.

And surprisingly instead of an actress, you play a writer in that one?

That's what the surprising part is. Expect the unexpected. If I would have been an actress in the movie, it would have been the most obvious thing. I choose not to do things where people feel that I am just having a cakewalk. I want stronger and meatier roles; and I should work hard for it.

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