Bianca King soars to fame

From being airborne as a bird woman, she now plunges into the deep. Indeed, it wasn't too long ago when a svelte, long-haired mestiza actress spread her wings and soared to fame as Aviona in GMA 7's phenomenal prime time fantasy series, "Mulawin."

By Guil Franco (Correspondent)

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Published: Fri 29 Sep 2006, 11:55 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 4:56 PM

binacaNow, Bianca King makes her much-awaited comeback, minus the feathers as she plunges to even greater depths via the same network's forthcoming underwater fanta-series, "Atlantika."

"This time, I play the only female soldier among the centurions protecting the Atlantikans," she says of her role. "It's perfect for me because I'm a certified advance open water diver, after training with Scuba World in Boracay. Direk Mark Reyes knows this, and we would talk about it all the time during our tapings for another show. That, plus my background in fight scenes gave me a lot more edge."

The trendy Bench image model and endorser of No Curfew watches and Gold's Gym is also part of the network's Sunday afternoon teen-oriented musical extravaganza: "Love to Love, Season 12: Jass Got Lucky!" Here, Bianca trades her disarming be-dimpled smile for a snobbish, menacing stare as she plays Paris, the campus mean queen who makes life miserable for lead star Lovi Poe.

"I was actually in seasons 6 and 10, Bianca recalls. "And it's good to be back. Paris is just so fun to play because I get to let out all my frustrations when I was still in high school." Of her rather roguish character, Bianca elaborates: "Every character is a challenge to me because I give each part a lot of thought. So, I make it my own and not just the typically sweet or mean girl that anyone can portray."

And unlike most of her contemporaries who worry about earning the ire of their fans and viewers, she can manage to dissociate herself from her role with an almost Zen-like detachment. "I have nothing to worry about because I'm also secure with who I am as a person, and am able to detach myself from any alter ego and the crazy world of show business."

Despite her hectic show-biz commitments, Bianca -- who is managed by ALV Talent Circuit keeps herself level-headed and does not let anything interfere with her studies. Now on her second year as an Arts Management college student, the diligent 20-year-old is excited on the prospects of dabbling in TV production in the near future behind the camera.

"It will allow me more creative freedom and I think I can affect more people that way," she says. "I'm more concerned about how I can make a difference in the medium's future." Such seemingly quixotic and lofty ideals may seem far-fetched for a young lass her age, but the feisty Bianca knows what she wants.

"The Filipino audience is becoming more intelligent and demanding after every tele-series," she observes. "As an avid follower of local pop culture, I know that cookie-cutter formats quickly lose their novelty. Pretty soon, indie and underground will become the new popular and mainstream. Television showcases all the different art forms rolled into one prominent package. It would be a shame to let all that succumb to the creative confinement of a consumer-driven industry.

There are reports that Bianca has reconciled with her ex, Patrick Garcia, now that he has joined the Kapuso network, but Bianca denies this. "I just don't have the time for love right now," she says. "Patrick and I have worked together in some shows, but we're just friends now."

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