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Published: Fri 22 Dec 2023, 11:31 AM

IN THE ever-evolving GCC landscape of business, innovation and technology, where ideas are the currency of innovation, we are thrilled to introduce an extension to the renowned BIT’23 summit series – BITx. This new venture is set to inspire the minds of leaders in the Gulf countries, fostering a community where local insights meet global wisdom.


As we embark on this exciting journey, envision the Gulf countries – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait – as a collective oasis of budding talents and forward-thinking leaders much like the resilient desert flora that thrives with the occasional rainfall. The Gulf region stands as a dynamic hub of diverse talents and forward-thinking leaders, where people are deeply rooted in traditions yet manage to blend global business ideas inspired by the learnings of what their forefathers achieved.

It is this local spirit of sharing experiences, that BITx plans to embed in its proposed series, an opportunity for current regional leaders and those aspiring, to come together and inspire each other through sharing experiences. We hope that BITx becomes a catalyst to a regional movement stimulating dialogue, sharing perspectives, and ultimately inspiring the youth leaders. BITx plans to curate 24 leadership episodes in a calendar year with a majority taking centre stage in the vibrant cities of Dubai, Riyadh, and Abu Dhabi followed by Bahrain, Jeddah, Muscat, Dharan and Kuwait City.


BITx embodies the essence of "Local Leaders, Global Ambition," acknowledging that while the Gulf region is a melting pot of diverse talents, cultures & nationalities the aspirations of its leaders extend far beyond regional borders. The goal is to offer a platform for leaders to share their thought-provoking experiences and insights – from their years of work within the region & globally.

Actually the traditional business of “Pearl Diving” resonates well with the mission of BITx. It encapsulates the aspiration to help young divers willing to take the challenge or risk to dive deep into the ocean to find their “Pearls of Wisdom” or nurture the minds of Gulf leaders, exposing them to the transformative power of knowledge through life experiences.


The mission of BITx is clear – to spark curiosity and inspire action. With each leadership episode, it aim to initiate a mind reset, a repositioning that propels leaders to negotiate for more, aspire for greatness, and be equipped for global dominance. Through "Local Leaders, Global Ambition," we believe that the insights shared on this platform will create a domino effect, influencing not only the leaders of today but also the trailblazers of tomorrow.


BITx is more than just a series of events; it propose to create a platform for sharing knowledge and furthering connectivity with a positive effect on tomorrow's regional leaders. In the spirit of the original BIT summit series, known for its commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of banking and technology, BITx extends this legacy to a broader audience, encapsulating businesses across the region, offering an opportunity for the voice of the Gulf leaders to stand alongside Global Business Leaders.


As we look forward to the BITx episodes unfolding in Dubai, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, and beyond, we envision a future where local leaders not only embrace their unique perspectives but also draw wisdom from a global pool of insights. "Local Leaders, Global Ambition" is not just a tagline; it is a philosophy that will guide each episode, forging connections and fostering a community of forward-thinking individuals who are ready to lead on the world stage.

In conclusion, BITx is not just an extension of the BIT summit series; it is a testament to the power of ideas, experiences, collaboration, connectivity and the limitless potential of Gulf leaders. As we embark on this exciting journey, let us unite to unearth the transformative possibilities that lie ahead.

BITx – a collaborative curation between KT Events & WeValue with the vision to create a platform where local insights meet global wisdom, inspiring the future of Gulf leadership to take Global centre stage.

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