Man gets life term for cold-blooded murder of colleague

DUBAI — The Dubai Criminal Court yesterday handed down life imprisonment verdict to a Bengali expatriate cashier, identified as Muheb Al Alam for a premeditated murder of his colleague.

By Mohsen Rashid

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Published: Fri 29 Sep 2006, 9:50 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 1:54 PM

The motive behind the homicide was reported to be theft.

According to the court records, the police received a report from the hotel about an incident of robbery committed by a Bengali man who worked there as a cashier and the receptionist. The two employees were said to have stolen Dh38,000 and managed to escape.

The policemen, on reaching the place found out a spot of blood on one of the chairs at the reception hall. On investigation, the receptionist was found missing from the hotel, according to the testimony of a police inspector.

The policemen found the receptionist's personal items, cell phone, passport, clothes, and other items in his room. The chief policeman became suspicious and he went back to the location where he found a spot of blood on a chair and to his surprise, found the chair missing.

When asked to bring the clothes he was wearing while committing the crime, traces of blood were detected on the convict's shoes matching the victim' blood.

The cashier, consequently, confessed to his crime, saying that at a late night, he approached the victim, (receptionist) who was on duty while he was sleeping on a chair at the reception and stabbed him to death. He then stole the safe key and stole its contents.

The accused later approached the corpse again and cut the corpse off into three parts and wrapped them in plastic bags putting the knife and the key into the bags. He threw the three bags into different garbage boxes.

Searching for the corpse took us more than one month, the policeman told the court, adding that sniffer dogs were used to trace the body.

The investigations proved that the accused had paid back all his debts and distributed financial gifts among his friends. A total of Dh32,000, out of the overall value of the stolen amount was spent by the convict, it was stated.

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