Major reshuffle in Dubai Courts’ staff positions

DUBAI — Dubai Courts are in for a major shake-up in their administrative and technical set up with the infusion of young men and women into leadership roles in them.

By A Staff Reporter

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Published: Sat 19 Nov 2005, 10:01 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 8:44 PM

Based on the new organisational structure, the Director of Dubai Courts, Abdul Latif Al Jasmi, has issued a number of administrative orders redistributing the staff according to efficiency and experience. The decision takes effect from November 26, 2005.

In a statement, Al Jasmi said the Dubai Courts were committed to following the Dubai government’s policy of giving the youth the opportunity to take leadership positions if they possessed the necessary expertise and efficiency.

He added that his outfit was striving hard to train a second line of leadership at all levels, taking into full consideration the personal capability, leadership quality, and competence on a first-come-first-served basis.

Al Jasmi pointed out that the new decisions were the outcome of six months of thorough studies. “Judiciary work today is in dire need of improvement. This is in view of the fact that we deal with various kinds of people,” he said, adding “that is why we introduced new departments, units and sections to enable us to discharge our duties and responsibilities in tune with modern requirements.”

Some of the new units introduced at the technical office, which is now under the office of the Director of the Dubai Courts, include Judiciary Follow-Up and Training Unit, to be headed by Hassan Mahmoud Saleh Al Abyari, Studies and Research Unit, headed by Fatiha Mahmoud Qarra, and Administrative Probe Unit, headed by Mohammed Al Sayyid Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Hashimi.

According to the new decisions, Mahmoud Ali Mohammed Al Abadi and Ahmed Khalifa Abdullah al Siri shall now work at the Administrative Probe Unit as Senior Investigator, while Abdul Rahman Abdul Aziz Al Jaziri and Mohammed Ali Salimin would now work at the Unit as Administrative Researchers.

The Unit shall assess the performance of the administrative staff and organize training courses for them after identifying their points of strength and weakness. This is to improve their working skills, standards and output.

The Research and Follow-up Unit shall be in charge of receiving complaints and referring them to the Director of the Courts after classifying and archiving them. The Unit shall also be responsible for the training of cadres, organising fora and symposia on judiciary and legal works.

It shall also participate in local and international conferences both inside the country and abroad, issue judicial and legal magazine, and set up a law library.

In addition to the Technical Office, Abdullah Isa Zakaria Mohammed, shall be the Director of the Dubai courts Director’s Office and Ahmed Abdullah Saleh Al Okaili, as Director of the Internal Auditing Unit. The two shall also work directly under the Dubai Courts’ Director.

As per the new organisational structure, the Dubai courts shall have five administrations under the Director’s office although indirectly. Abdul Rahim Hussein Abdul Rahim Ahli, is the Director of the Executive Administration, Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed is the Director of the Court Secretary’s office, Yusuf Ali Humaid Al Suwaidi, is Director of Cases Administration, Abdullah Saeed Matar bin Lahij, Director of the Technical Administration, Darwish Mohammed Mosabbah Ahmed, Director of the Attorneys Affairs Administration.

All the above administrations are under the direct control of the Assistant director for Technical Affairs.

As for the Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs, which is to be headed by Sultan Yusuf Majid Al Muhairi, it falls under the Assistant Director for Planning and Institutional Performance.

The new decisions urged directors of all the various administrations and units to reorganize the work in his or her administration unit, to personally follow-up, supervise the work of his/her staff and encourage them for maximum output and efficient performance.

Abdul Wahid Abdullah Hassan Kaladari, is to serve as Assistant Director of the Technical Administration, Salim Rashid Majid is now Assistant Director of Sharia Cases Administration, and Mohammed Amin Hassan Mubashiri is Assistant Director of Court Secretary Administration.

Abdul Razak Mohammed Ahmed Qasim is Assistant director of Civil Cases Administration, and Maryam Majid Khalfan Bin Thaniyya is Assistant Director of Information Technology Administration.

Apart from Maryam, three other women have been given top posts to head their various administrations. They include Moza Obeid Rabea al Hadhar, who now heads the Technical follow-up Section at the Department of Attorneys’ Affairs.

The other two are Aisha Rashid Salim Butti, Head of the Translation and Typing Section of the Technical Administration and Mona Saleh Ahmed Lootah who also heads the Personnel Affairs Section of the Department of Financial and Administrative Affairs.

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