Delay in delivery of consignment packages

RAFAT Ali has complained that his consignment of packages have not reached Mumbai even after three months after he commissioned Brite Cargo Packings and Forwarding to handle the delivery.


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Published: Sat 30 Sep 2006, 8:37 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 1:54 PM

“As per the terms of delivery schedule, all goods were supposed to be delivered to my residence (in Mumbai) within 30 days from the ‘date of vessel’. The vessel date was given as July 1, 2006,” Ali said.

The complainant supplied Khaleej Times with a copy of a Brite Cargo invoice, duly signed by an authorised company representative, which noted that the delivery time had indeed been set within “30 days from date of vessel”.


A REPRESENTATIVE of Brite Cargo Packings and Forwarding contacted Khaleej Times to clarify the matter, said that Ali's packages have been considered as ‘bulk cargo’ because of its volume.

“For regular sea cargoes, the delivery time takes about 30 days. But for bulk cargoes like that of Mr. Ali's , it will take us 60 days to deliver it to the consignee,” said the representative, who requested anonymity.

When asked why they still have not delivered the packages even after more than three months, the company representative reasoned that the Indian customs department in Cochin “has not lifted the cargo because of its volume.”

He, however, mentioned that they are sorting out the issue with the customs officials in India and that the cargo will be transferred from Cochin to Mumbai within a week’s time around October 3.

Deductions without reason

SANJAY, a security guard working in Emirates Security Services called up Khaleej Times hotline complaining that the company is deducting varying amounts from the salary without proper reason.

“Each time they cut the salary they give us different reasons. Sometimes they tell us they deducted the money for visa charges and while on other occasions they claim that the deducted money was for medical fees.”, he alleged.


WHEN Khaleej Times contacted the company office, an official of the company denied the allegations levelled by customer.

He went on to add “Actually there is no deduction from the salary. We always treat our workers well and I do not quite understand why the workers are complaining on these issues.”

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