Grandmother 'dips toddler into boiling hot water as punishment'

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The woman claimed she 'was having a bad day' and the girl was misbehaving.

By Web Report

Published: Thu 22 Aug 2019, 10:50 AM

Last updated: Thu 22 Aug 2019, 12:59 PM

A two-year-old girl from Tennessee suffered third-degree burns and blisters in her feet after her step-grandmother used scalding water on her. The woman who admitted to 'having a bad day' has been charged with aggravated child abuse and is being held on a $150,000 bond.
According to reports in Daily Mail, the abhorrent incident occurred on August 11 when Kaylee Robinson's mother left her under the care of her step-grandmother, Jennifer Vaughn, at her home in Chattanooga. Vaughn initially claimed she left Kaylee alone in the bath but admitted she dipped the feet in boiling water because she was misbehaving.
The little girl's mother, Brittany Smith, shared pictures of her daughter's feet with media outlets and said the burn injuries appear to be getting worse.
"It's terrible, it's just so stressful. Kaylee has had two operations so far, but they haven't worked. The skin is not really repairing itself in the way the doctors hoped it would. She's in a lot of pain," the girl's mother was quoted as saying in the Metro. "They [surgeons] are going to take some skin from her thigh next week to try and repair her feet," Smith said, adding, her daughter 'is at high risk of infection and could end up losing her feet'.
While, Rhea County Sheriff's Department detective Rocky Potter, who is investigating the matter, termed the girl's injuries as 'the worst scald burns', according to ABC 2. To help fund the treatment, a GoFundMe has been set up.

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