UAE: Influencer queen to bag Dh100,000, to live rent-free in 5-star hotel suite for a year

Based on the unique and genuine stories contestants produce, 12 of them will make it to the final, where one will be crowned the winner


Nasreen Abdulla

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Miss Influencer contestants. Photos: Shihab
Miss Influencer contestants. Photos: Shihab

Published: Sun 13 Nov 2022, 6:28 PM

One female influencer stands a chance to win Dh100,000 in cash, a year of free luxury stay in a 5-star hotel and a Mazda CX-30 car for a year as part of a competition that is looking to change the social media scene in the UAE.

The first-ever influencer beauty and talent contest, Miss Influencer powered by Mazda, will pick one person who can create engaging and meaningful content as the winner.

However, it is not all about beauty and likes in this challenge. The organisers are aiming to train the competitors to dig deep and tell engaging stories about issues that are of global prominence.

“We don’t want people to just post about their expensive bags or dinners,” said Lilla Bolyki, founder of Miss Influencer. “We want them to raise awareness about global issues like women empowerment, climate change and so on. We want the future generation of social media influencers to be more aware of what they do and the power they have.”

Lilla Bolyki, founder of Miss Influencer
Lilla Bolyki, founder of Miss Influencer

How it works

Of the 1,200 applicants, fifty were selected as semi-finalists based on likes and votes. These contestants will be assigned to certain brands and asked to create content. Based on the unique and genuine stories they can produce, 12 of them will make it to the final, where one will be crowned the winner.

“We will be looking for the personality, messaging and values of the contestant,” said Coach Meddy, who is one of the judges of the competition. “We are looking for someone very genuine. However, I don’t think there is just one winner. Everyone who is participating is a winner for the experience they will get through this initiative.”

During the contest, participants will not just be trained in social media but also in self-defence and physical activity. Noted personalities will judge the event from various industries, including fashion, jewellery, and events.


The semi-finalists come from various backgrounds and cater to a wide range of followers.

“I am really happy with the pool of contestants that have made it to the semifinals,” said Coach Meddy. “They are all of the various nationalities and aptly represent the mixed culture of Dubai.”

For Spanish cabin crew Mariem Omar Boulayha, it is like living a dream. “I am looking forward to an amazing experience,” she said. The travel influencer was supported by her husband at the event. “I came to Dubai four years ago, and I was lucky enough to meet my husband, work with an amazing company and now this. I really consider myself lucky.”

Contestant Mariem Omar Boulayha.
Contestant Mariem Omar Boulayha.

Friends Nidhi Kanda and Priyanka Chadha were excited to have both made it to the semi-finals. The two had met in their hometown of Delhi and had stayed friends. “We are hoping that one of us wins,” said Nidhi. “We are always cheering for each other. However, we know that the competition is really tough. There are some amazing content creators in the running, but we know it will be a great learning experience.”

Nidhi Kanda and Priyanka Chadha.
Nidhi Kanda and Priyanka Chadha.

Priyanka, who has been an influencer for 5 years, said she was happy to have her work noticed. “I work with good brands and work hard to make sure my content is relevant for my followers. So, this feels like validation for all the work I have put into growing my social media page.”


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