UAE: 6 rules to follow to avoid Dh500 fine when car breaks down on highway

Abu Dhabi Police explain safety measures that motorists must take whenever they encounter a problem while driving at night

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File photo used for illustrative purposes
File photo used for illustrative purposes

Published: Fri 28 Oct 2022, 4:47 PM

Last updated: Sat 29 Oct 2022, 11:11 AM

The Abu Dhabi Police on Friday shared a video to guide motorists on what to do if their car breaks down in the middle of the road, especially at night.

Suddenly stopping a vehicle on a highway is a dangerous traffic violation that may cause serious accidents.

This is why certain rules must be followed when a motorist has to repair a broken-down car — failure to take safety measures is an offence punishable by a Dh500 fine.

In the latest traffic awareness video they posted, the Abu Dhabi Police listed six steps that can help keep drivers safe whenever they encounter car troubles on the road:

  1. Move your vehicle off the road and use designated emergency areas.
  2. You may also use the right shoulder of the road.
  3. Use hazard lights.
  4. Place a reflective triangle behind the vehicle to alert other drivers.
  5. Step out of the vehicle for your safety.
  6. Call the emergency hotline 999 to request assistance.

Here's the video:

The police have earlier warned motorists against stopping in the middle of the road for any reason. Federal traffic laws specify a penalty of Dh1,000 fine and six black points for this offence.

The authorities explained the dangers associated with this violation in a video they posted last week.

The surveillance footage shows a 4WD stop for no apparent reason, with its hazard lights on. Other vehicles on the road change multiple lanes to avoid the 4WD, but one is unable to stop in time and crashes into it.

If motorists are unable to move their vehicles for some reason, they should immediately dial 999 for assistance, the police reiterated.


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