Start with a new ritual

Rhonita Patnaik
Filed on May 4, 2021 | Last updated on May 6, 2021 at 09.42 am

Make your health a priority with naturally-sourced ingredients

A healthy lifestyle starts with improving our health and quality of life in general. The rituals we follow to lead a healthy lifestyle might differ, but it begins with the right nutrition and a balanced diet.

For example, who hasn't set a specific time or date to kick-start a healthy lifestyle? From commitment to exercise beginning of a month, to eating a healthy and balanced diet "after Eid or Ramadan", but the underlying question remains: why delay your commitment to an event, when in fact, Ramadan can be made healthier than any other month?

At MAGGI, we understand there are many reasons that can make following a healthy lifestyle difficult, but we also believe that a balanced diet should never be compromised on. That's why we offer innovative products with natural ingredients to meet the nutritional requirements for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Additionally, we undertake numerous initiatives to raise public health awareness and improve our quality of life, including the initiative Kitchen Cupboard.

To elaborate, MAGGI's Kitchen Cupboard initiative is part of its effort to simplify the ingredients used in its products, accompanied with deliciously balanced recipes, so you can implement goodness into your diet with ease.

Also new on the table is 'My Menu IQ' on the MAGGI website, a digital nutritional service that helps prepare recipes as part of a varied diet. These recipes combine the quality of MAGGI products with the freshest ingredients to enjoy nutritionally balanced meals that suit your needs best.

The buck doesn't stop here. Its efforts to improve the nutritional balance of the products have only increased: by reducing the proportion of salt and saturated fats, and increasing ingredients such as quinoa, freekeh and barley that are rich in fibre, and legumes such as lentils, beans and chickpeas which are naturally rich in protein. This is in addition to helping reduce the risks of nutritional deficiencies by fortifying its products with essential nutrients.

Great nutrition is at the heart of everything we do, and offering products prepared with delicious ingredients you know and love helps encourage everyone to see the positives of home cooking.

MAGGI's commitment towards products with natural ingredients and balanced recipes is unwavering. It's time we start a healthy life with the choices we make with food.