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Milano’s portable solution to fight Covid-19

Filed on June 10, 2020 | Last updated on June 14, 2020 at 08.11 am

To create a safe environment to live and work in during this global pandemic, Milano’s disinfection machine provides a convenient and cost-effective way to sanitise homes and commercial spaces

Milano, part of Danube Group and one of the UAE’s leading brand in sanitary, electric,
water purifiers, hardware, furniture fittings, ceramics and tiles, has joined forces in the fight against Covid-19 with the launch of a portable disinfection machine that can be used to sanitise various spaces including homes, offices, commercial spaces and labour

The device is lightweight, easy to hold and available at Dh 1,499. It included EPA and Dubai Municipality-approved Biotabs, manufactured in the US, consisting of 20 tablets that charges the machine. The refills are also available at a very reasonable price.

The machine that can kill up to 99.99 per cent of the Covid-19 within a minute of being sprayed on a surface has been adopted by many organisations across the globe as a means of keeping their premises disinfected for as many times at a minimal cost. This also makes the users aware and selfreliant in doing so. The efficacy of the disinfection made by the machine can last for 10-12 days on residential premises and seven days on commercial spaces.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people are putting different methods in place to keep themselves safe from the novel coronavirus. It started with following strict guidelines recommended by health authorities that include social distancing, use of sanitisers and employing disinfection service agencies charging you a certain price for their services. Following the economic impact of Covid-19, people have been extremely proactive in devising novel ways and finding different methods for being self-sufficient. This new trend of people disinfecting their homes themselves by way of a portable machine has been gaining traction and immense popularity.

Venkat, director of business development at Danube Group, said, “We have received such an
overwhelming response when our Milano disinfection machine was launched in an effort to give people access to a product that can be used by them to kill the virus within a minute. Now people don’t need any outside professional help and can purchase the machine which is readily available in all of Danube showrooms and on the website.”

“The Milano portable disinfectant device is absolutely safe for everyone to use and being of biomedical grade poses no threat to humans and pets if the guidelines are followed,” he added.

The portable machine keeps personal and commercial space free from contamination.

“Such disinfection processes can be used not only during pandemic but on a perennial basis, combatting a whole range of bacteria,
viruses and microorganisms to keep living places safe and
secure,” Venkat reiterated.

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