Smartarz, the newly launched classified site, is creating waves in the increasingly crowded e-commerce space in the UAE.

Filed on March 28, 2021 | Last updated on March 28, 2021 at 03.07 pm

In the modern digital era, and especially in these times of the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, lockdowns and social-distancing measures have pushed people to seek out goods and services from the comforts of their homes.


What makes Smartarz stand out is that its great ambition to serve consumers comes absolutely free of charge!

That's correct. A rare find nowadays, the portal is a free platform to buy and sell, promote almost everything, and offers multiple and dynamic services with no hassle of payment. It is designed with the motto - no more charge to people - and can be utilised as the masses wish to.


The idea to keep it free comes from a passionate desire to provide a resource to those in needy because the Smartarz founder and managing director Fizza Ajmal did not find it when she bought one.

As a property owner, Ajmal had to pay huge amounts to other portals to advertise her postings for renting out her property. She faced the same situation again while trying to sell her car. Her first-hand experiences germinated the idea for Smartarz in late 2019 and has since evolved to its current ripe form.

Websites for classifieds and job listings can charge hefty premiums and can be a costly affair. Definitely, if it's a business these are incidental and unavoidable expenses. But owners and consumers alike could do without incurring exaggerated costs where possible.


They say there are no free lunches, but Smartarz helps all businesses and owners as a lifetime free-of-cost portal where people are free to sell what they want. More importantly, it is not just classifieds, but a lot more.

To meet the challenges of contemporary sites and stay relevant well into the future, the platform is created with features such as a user-friendly interface, quick and fast rendering, smooth access to all categories and an easy login process.

Keeping in mind the complete customer experience, the process of buying and selling is made substantially easier, faster and transparent with the ability to post comments. The extra feature helps buyers make up their minds by reading such comments as well as 'like' others' opinions about that specific object or service.

Adding a 360-degree twist to classified ads, there is a video upload option available allowing for a clear insight into the product. It is well-established that videos can attract more potential buyers as compared to static images. Smartarz takes out the worry of buying expensive subscription plans to use the video facility.

This avenue has already struck the right notes, with thousands of video ads posted by the public in the past few days.

Smartarz is going to serve all real estate agencies and the auto market by offering them to use its free-of-cost platform. They will be allowed to post unlimited ads related to their business.

Another extraordinary feature almost unique to Smartarz vis-a-vis the competition with contemporary portals is that Smartarz is offering all businesses to promote their items in its promotion section by offering deals and discounted prices - whether its travel agencies, beauty products, activities, auto products, food and many more.

Smartarz will soon launch the cheapest car inspection service at your doorstep which will make buying a car extremely easy. The buyer or seller will be able to save travel time and a lot of headache as reliable mechanics - independent of each party - will reach their door to inspect the vehicle. This service helps take out the worries and anxiety of your deals turning sour.

If you want to declutter your stuff to earn something by selling it or want to save by buying some good offers, then Smartarz is there for you. You can find everything on it from a car, house, tablets, phones, electronics to a needle, pacifier and perhaps even your baking spatula.

Smartarz - Services

Why Smartarz??

  • It is simple, fast and user are friendly.
  • Free of cost, can post and search unlimited ads.
  • Offers a wide range of ads in a vast number of categories and subcategories.
  • Video and photos upload options
  • Instant chat, call, SMS, WhatsApp, email and public comments for easy communication.
  • Available for individuals and businesses, especially in real estate and auto industry.
  • Receive notifications for different events.
  • Create your resume online and apply for any job by using the same.
  • Avail promotions and deals all over the UAE.

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