ASUS Business Site is Newly Launched in the Middle East

Filed on August 9, 2021 | Last updated on August 9, 2021 at 03.18 pm

Information on Asus business products & solutions is now available on ASUS new official business website

ASUS today unveiled its official ASUS Business site, a new website includes the latest range of ASUS products for business, education, and technology. It features a selection of webpages that will allow users to have a comprehensive understanding of all the solutions provided by ASUS in different fields.

"Our new site is a breakthrough for our current market," said Shakeeb Ahamed, ASUS Middle East Business Development Manager, "We're really excited to have the opportunity to shine more lights on ASUS commercial products, dynamic solutions and stunning designs that make ASUS products so distinctive than others.'' The launch symbolizes the completion of the new user-friendly website from ASUS, which will bring the existing excellence to their users through new website integration. The effort focuses on delivering needed information on ASUS business products & solutions to create an enhanced user experience that better serves the Middle East end-user community.

Key Points

Education for all: Seamless support for distance learning and all-round durability to bear daily worn-out

Dedicated and tailored business solutions: Multiple alternatives for a broad range of businesses according to the scale and need

Content creation boost with ASUS ProArt: ASUS ProArt provides supreme visuals and ultimate performances with a breeze

Education for all

ASUS and Intel have partnered to create solutions with innovative technologies to address the evolving challenges facing the education community. To empower learning at home, ASUS has developed solutions that optimize video conferencing experience, which makes learning flexible and seamless for any distance learning requirements. For reaching high performances, the latest technology and certifications from AI learning, 3D animation and programming enable students to unleash their creativity.

When it comes to durability for schoolers, the products are both rugged and secure, ASUS devices not only withstand everyday knocks, spills and drops, but also feature multiple layers of security to protect the device and network from online threats.

Dedicated and tailored business solutions

When it comes to business, ASUS offers a wide range of options to choose from. For small medium business, ASUS SMB solutions are designed to empower ideas with practical solutions and advice, tailored to the unique challenges of managing and growing business. For retailer channels, ASUS modernizes the retail strategy by driving IT innovation to enable a seamless experience for today's consumers and staff. ASUS also has one-for-all solutions to empower workforce with award-winning devices and easy-to-manage IT solutions to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Content creation boost within powerhouses

ASUS dedicates to make their products bring ideas to life. With ASUS' advanced ProArt solution of powerful AI-powered tools and industry-leading color accuracy devices, filmmaking and video editing can be brought up to another level. From real-time rendering to physics simulation with stunning visual effects, ProArt is built ready to meet the task demands in much less time. It even can support the domains of architecture, engineering and constructing with powerful ProArt devices to complete BIM and CAD projects in no time. ASUS products are innovated with professional-grade products that maximize any creative output to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving workspace.

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