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Nutanix Xi Frame: Working from Home in Under 1 Hour

Filed on March 22, 2020

Unlimited users, any app, any browser, any cloud provider

Xi Frame from Nutanix is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution that lets employee's access company apps on any device and from any location. Organizations can easily create virtual workspaces for their teams, customers, or partners in under an hour.

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The Digital Workspace: Why Should Enterprises Virtualize Desktops and Applications

Intelligent digital workspaces, delivered by on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or desktop as a service (DaaS), enable users to access applications and information from anywhere while data remains secure, making them ideal for end-user computing needs. Physical desktops and laptops are becoming a poor fit for today's dynamic, digital workplace.

In the old way of working, company employees are tethered closely to a desktop or laptop PC for much of their work. A digital workspace provides greater flexibility, so that employees can access the applications and data they need- from any device and any location. This is a much better fit for the way many businesses, across many industries, operate today. Instead of running on a local device, the applications and services of the digital workspace run in a datacenter and output is transmitted quickly and securely to the user across a network.

A digital workspace approach fits well with many companies' transformation goals, and it addresses the challenges described above by moving a lot of the "heavy lifting" into an enterprise or cloud datacenter:

  • User applications no longer need to be installed or run locally on each computer.
  • Company data remains in your datacenter or the cloud where it is much more secure.
  • If a user's device fails, the user can simply switch to a different device and pick up where they left off.

Why Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

With DaaS, you contract with a third-party provider to satisfy your digital workspace needs rather than deploying and managing the hardware and software for VDI yourself. Most desktop-as-a-service offerings are hosted either in the cloud or in a service provider's data center, but there are also alternatives where the provider deploys and manages the service on infrastructure in your data center.

Today, many enterprises are choosing desktop-as-a-service solutions as a complement to their existing VDI deployments, while others choose it as an alternative to VDI. In both scenarios, DaaS provides substantial benefits because it can:

  • Eliminate the need for VDI infrastructure deployment and management
  • Accelerate delivery of digital workspaces to users
  • Reduce capital costs

Xi Frame - the Smart DaaS Choice

Nutanix Xi Frame is a unique desktop-as-a-service platform built for the cloud age. Xi Frame doesn't just move VDI technology that was designed for on-premises deployments into the public cloud; it has been built from scratch for the cloud, resulting in a cost-efficient, scalable, simple-to-use, multi-tenant application and desktop delivery platform.

Users gain easy access to remote virtual desktops or the ability to stream one or multiple applications on any device, with a multi-cloud platform designed for agility, performance, security, and flexibility.

Xi Feature Overview

  • Easy to Use - Leverage intuitive administrative interfaces and zero touch maintenance-you don't need a PhD to design and operate Xi Frame.
  • Proven at Global Scale - provision up to 10,000 users per account in under an hour. Spin up secure cloud workspaces in any AWS or Microsoft Azure region.
  • Elastic by Design - Never overpay for unused capacity again. With Xi Frame, you only pay when you're actually consuming services. Ramp up at your own pace.
  • Developer Friendly  - Use your existing files, connect to IDaaS (like Azure AD or Okta), or extend your enterprise network to the cloud-Xi Frame has you covered.
  • Built for Security - Get maximum security and zero server footprint. After each Xi Frame session the VM you used is destroyed, so there's no data to protect.
  • Enterprise-ready  - Leverage the only multicloud Windows workspace service running at a global scale, reaching users in more than 200 countries.

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