Regret that email? Gmail allows recall

WASHINGTON - Just about everybody has sent an email, noticed a mistake as they hit the ‘send’ button and wanted to call it back. Google’s Gmail now gives users a brief window to do just that.

By (AFP)

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Published: Sun 22 Mar 2009, 7:25 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 9:00 AM

An ‘Undo Send’ feature introduced in Google’s email program holds a message for five seconds before sending it.

Gmail’s sent mail confirmation message now includes an ‘Undo’ link. Clicking on ‘Undo’ will return a message to its draft form.

The feature does not, however, allow a user to recall a message that’s already been sent.

‘It just holds your message for five seconds so you have a chance to hit the panic button,’ Google said in a post on Thursday on the official Gmail blog announcing the new feature.

Last year, Google introduced a feature to Gmail designed to prevent users from sending drunken emails. ‘Mail Goggles’ forces users to solve five simple math problems in less than a minute in order to send a Gmail missive.

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