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Published: Thu 23 May 2024, 9:35 AM

Building Blocks Nursery

While your child is very young, every learning moment counts! That’s why our Building Blocks curriculum has a balanced approach to learning — even for the tiniest babies — because every adorable coo, crawl, and creation is proof that they’re ready for more than just daycare.

We have taken the regular EYFS British curriculum and have knit together the best parts from other philosophies to make one balanced approach you won’t find anywhere but at Building Blocks Nursery.

1. Cognitive development: Refers to the process of learning, reasoning and problem-solving, and the development of age-appropriate skills in math, science, and the study of the world around us.

2. Language and literacy: This is all about verbal and non-verbal communication, plus the early skills needed to read and write!

3. Physical, motor, and wellbeing: Includes physical health, self-care skills, nutrition, fine- and gross-motor skills, and use of the five senses.

4. Social-emotional skills: Include understanding and controlling emotions, developing empathy, building relationships, appreciating human diversity, and gaining self-confidence.

5. Self regulation: The ability to control impulses, build memory skills, and practice problem-solving.

6. Creative expression: Refers to how children express themselves through art, music, dance, movement, play, and more.

7. Located in Motorcity, we serve Arabian Ranches, Victory Heights, Damac Hills, Sustainable City, Town Square and JVC neighbourhoods.

Small World Nursery

Located in the heart of Liwan and Jaffliya, Small World Nursery has earned its reputation as the happiest nursery in the UAE. We are an affordable British curriculum nursery dedicated to providing a nurturing environment and quality education.

What sets us apart are the additional programmes and services we offer: including bus transportation, full day care, Arabic classes, enrichment activities, potty training and speech development programmes, holiday camps, field trips, preparation for big school, and initiatives that promote healthy eating habits. Our unique strength is our commitment to forming strong partnerships with parents fostering a supportive network ensuring every child and family feels valued and supported.

At Small World Nursery, we believe in nurturing academic skills as well as essential life skills. Through our focus on resilience, well-being, and holistic development, we aim to raise children who are not just academically ready but also socially and emotionally equipped to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Our diverse community of children from around the world adds a multicultural layer to our learning environment, enriching the educational journey and fostering a deep appreciation for different cultures.

At Small World “happiness isn’t just a value — it’s a way of life”.

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