In the blink of an eye

Are you one of those fashion-conscious people who chose lenses over glasses?

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Published: Fri 22 Feb 2013, 10:51 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 10:43 AM

Well, in case you are one of those who have opted for the illusion of good sight, you will need to transition to a more ‘nerdy’ look, in case you want to keep up with the latest technology fad. Yes, believe it or not, the new ‘cool’ accessory in the near future will be a pair of geeky glasses. But don’t rely on them to correct your vision — these smart glasses will instead transport you to a virtual world where you can chat, check your email and click pictures, give directions.

Google has been working on developing its highly anticipated smart glasses since over a year now. A new Youtube video shows how the Google Glass interface will look like and how it can be used via voice commands to click pictures, make videos and provide details, like information about your next flight.

The Google Glass project, which is still in its infancy, signifies rapid advancement in wearable technology. In 2008, Apple acquired a patent for a laser-based “head-mounted display system that could be used to stream videos from iPod. Other gadgets like smart watches and wristband that monitor your health and activity have also made way to the tech market.

Google’s smart glasses are sure to spark a furore among tech fans when they are finally released. But do we really need a pair of geeky glasses in our lives? Technology has already had the impact of isolating its users from their surroundings and making social interaction highly impersonal. Now, imagine people in the metro, stoically sporting their smart glasses and saying out commands that make them look as if they are talking to themselves. If this doesn’t sound strange to you, nothing quite will!

So let’s just stop getting overly excited to buy a gadget that will make us look like self-involved fools in the public domain.

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