Have our lives become a representation of brands?

Published: Thu 24 Jan 2019, 7:57 PM

Last updated: Thu 24 Jan 2019, 9:58 PM

Growing up in a secular environment meant embracing all disparities. Most Indians of my generation have been doing just that. Broad-minded, fun loving, forbearing, accepting - you get the drift? And our foibles were our own, not to be mixed with any other.
To be non-biased and tolerant were how we were taught to look at any situation no matter how complex. Friends were just that - friends. Age did not matter, neither did societal status, family background, religious views, educational qualification or individual opinions. Nothing was subject to the microscopic scrutiny that exists today.
The atmosphere of toxic ill-will bred by persons in power since several decades have begun to envelop us. It is sad that the simple pleasures of life we experienced during our childhood has vanished.
When have we even thought of visiting a Balwadi (pre-school)? Picture the students eating under the shade of the trees accompanied by excited hoots and claps, drinking water from the communal well. Allowing children free rein and watch them cavort about, wild with happiness without a care in the world. This is what I call joy, absolute delight.
Alas, these experiences can now be revisited only on celluloid accompanied by over-the-top histrionics. We have lost connection with our roots - the salt of the earth. The city life and its glamour have taken over. We now represent well-known brands.
Spotlight is the only thing that matters.
We could allow elements of the past to define us, though. Cut across these trivialities and rediscover the magic. Allow the joy of life to flow and glow within us once again. That connectivity is essential for a wholesome life.
The writer is based in Dubai

By Anitha Padanattil

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