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We can survive by ourselves

DUBAI — Meet Alex Papanikolaou, a ‘success coach’ who has travelled solo to more than 85 cities around 25 countries on his motorised wheelchair.

UAE users wary after Facebook data leak

DUBAI — Facebook users in the UAE have raised concerns after a private security consultant published the personal details of 100 million users last week. The latest controversy is a big blow to the already failing reputation of Facebook’s privacy settings.

Virtual relationships come alive on social media

DUBAI — Hectic urban lifestyles and intense work schedules turn social activities into mission impossible for a lot of people living in the UAE. Social media have stepped in as useful helpers with a growing number of people turning to these networks to build virtual relationships.

Young Emirati does a balancing act

DUBAI — Fatma Bin Saifan, a young Emirati who finds herself spending most of her time online says, “Social media has become an addiction for me and many other young Emiratis. The first thing I do the moment I open my eyes in the morning is to check my Twitter and Facebook pages.”

When Japanese and Emirati cultures interact

DUBAI — Khaled Bin Hammad belongs to a generation of young Emiratis who are building the bridge between Emirati and world cultures. “There are barriers between cultures and people of different nationalities. Meeting new people and learning from their culture and traditions gives you new knowledge that cannot be learned from books.”

Exotic and fresh catch of the day

DUBAI — Fish mongers clad in blue shout out in the local dialects of Arabic and Urdu for customers to pay attention to their stalls.

A date with dates

city times

A date with dates

DATE LOVERS ARE in for a treat this Ramadan. A visit to Deira Fish market is ample proof to the wealth of dates available in this region. An alley at the end of the market offers fresh dates all round the year.

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