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Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for Every Kind of Couple

Filed on January 26, 2020 | Last updated on January 26, 2020 at 04.33 pm

Love is a strong force in every relationship. The whole world is so mesmerised with the idea of love that an entire day is dedicated to it. Yes, the much-awaited Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you can see couples everywhere planning to make it special for each other. Since every couple is different, so is their thoughts on love. Their ideas, beliefs and personalities set them apart from others and make their relationship unique. Before you start planning for Valentine’s Day, you should try and gauge whether your partner will like the plan or not. To help you a bit, we’ll further talk about amazing Valentine’s Day celebration ideas for different types of couples based on their interests and hobbies.

Foodie Couple

If food is something that excites you and your partner, then you definitely fall into this category. You don’t shy away from trying new cuisines and you are among those people who are always up to try out new restaurants in the town. This Valentine’s Day, you can surprise your foodie partner by making their favourite food and desserts. Or both of you can go out for a classic brunch to celebrate Valentine’s Day where you can create memories while relishing your favourite food. A chocolate hamper, a food hamper, or a flavoured heart-shaped cake will also make ideal Valentine’s Day gifts for your foodie partner.

Long-Distance Couple

For these couples, distance doesn’t matter in a relationship. Even when they are miles apart, their love only tends to grow for each other. If you are in a long-distance relationship, then you can surprise your partner by simply showing up at their door on Valentine’s Day. Or you can send them a romantic gift like a bouquet of red roses as a gesture of your undying love. There are several gift websites that offer a wide range of Valentine’s Day gifts for him andher and delivers them to several domestic and international destinations. You can order gifts for your partner online and get them delivered to your sweetheart’s destination.

Childhood Sweethearts

These are the inseparable couples who have been together since forever. They have seen each other in the best and worst form. It wouldn’t be easy to impress your childhood sweetheart on Valentine’s Day but we are also not saying that it is impossible. On Valentine’s Day, you can take your partner to all those places that play a prominent role in your relationship – school or restaurant. Visiting these places together will take you down the memory lane and spark the love and passion in your relationship. Or you can surprise your partner with a creative personalised gift like a mug, cushion or a photo frame displaying special memories of your lives.

Travelling Couple

As they say, couples who travel together stay together. If you are one of those travel-enthusiast couples who love to explore new cities and countries, then you can plan a trip to an exotic destination. You can go on a weekend getaway to spend some romantic moments together. Travelling with someone you love is an opportunity to explore new places and new sides of your significant other.

Party-Loving Couple

There can’t be anything more blissful than having a partner who shares similar interests. And if your partner loves to party just like you, then consider yourself the luckiest person on earth. You can organise a house party on Valentine’s Day and invite all your friends to enjoy each other’s company. A fancy dinner at home will allow you and your partner to have the time of your life with your loving friends.

Movie Buff Couple

These are the couples who can binge-watch their favourite movies all day long. And you can always trust them with the best movie ideas of any genre. If you are one of those movie buff couples, then watching the best rom-coms of all time is one of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Grab some popcorns and your favourite drinks to make the movie marathon more fun and enjoyable.

Shopaholic Couple

Shopping is a form of therapy, which becomes even more enjoyable when done with your loving partner. So, if you are the type of couple who looks for excuses to shop together and get immense joy out of it, then you definitely fall in this category. Taking your partner on a shopping spree on Valentine’s Day is the best celebration idea. Or you can give your sweetheart a gift card that she can use to shop online. You can also browse online Valentine’s Day gifts for her to order a unique and thoughtful gift for your lady love.

Gardening Enthusiast Couple

Gardening is a great exercise that people often pursue as a hobby. It teaches people to love, be caring, be creative, be kind, and be wise. If both you and your partner like gardening, then what better way to celebrate the day of love by nurturing plants and flowers and appreciating their beauty. Both of you can attend a flower exhibition or a flower garden in the city on Valentine’s Day. The Miracle Garden in Dubai features 150 million flowers arranged in colorful arches and patterns. Exploring this heavenly place with your partner will brighten up your day and help your relationship bloom.

We hope these ideas will help you celebrate the day of love in a special and memorable way.

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