Garbage disposal

The problem of stinking garbage bins “decorating” the park in Karama is a real eye (and nose) sore and health hazard.

By (R Ravi, by email)

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Published: Fri 22 Feb 2013, 10:44 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 7:47 AM

Why can the municipality not take action on the buildings that cannot keep these bins in their building and roll them out only around the time the garbage truck comes in the wee hours to pick it up?

It is a fact that the buildings in Karama are not well designed to accommodate garbage chutes. However, permanently stationing the garbage bins all along the park’s walking track is just not acceptable. As the numbers of restaurants grow in this area, the bins are getting messier and stinkier. The garbage is a permanent fixture at the park, and one cannot walk here, as the place is soggy and revolting.

I have been to other crowded places like Manhattan, NY, with many restaurants, but have never seen garbage bins out in the open. They are rolled out around the pick-up time and rolled back immediately after.

When we walk, around the park, especially on the “street 20B” side, we really need to practice a different kind of “pranayama”— holding our breaths for a long time, as the stench is unbearable. Adding to this is the problem of flies and the disease they carry. Imagine how safe the food will be in the 10 restaurants on this stretch of the road — we are inviting trouble and calling for an outbreak of some epidemic.

The buildings and hotels must be instructed to keep the bins inside and roll it out only when the pick-up is due and roll it back immediately afterwards. The municipality should see to it that the garbage bins are not in sight around the park – day or night.

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