Amrita is no husband stealer

Mother comes to the defence of Amrita Arora accused of stealing her friend’s husband

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Published: Tue 21 Oct 2008, 8:03 PM

Last updated: Tue 31 Jan 2023, 2:20 PM

Amrita Arora is being accused of being a house-breaker by her current boyfriend Shakeel Ladak's ex wife Nisha Rana, who co-incidentally was Amrita's classmate from college.

AmritastarteddatingShakeel shortly after she broke-up with her long time boyfriend Usmaan Afzal. Shakeel belongs to an affluent family andis in the construction business. He wasmarried toNisha,a member of the royal family of Nepal but the marriage didn't last long and the couple divorced.

Buzz is that Nisha and Amrita have a lot of common friends and Nisha has been talking ill about Amrita to all and sundry. A common friend of Amrita and Nisha revealed, "Nisha has been telling everyone that Amrita stole her husband and it’s because of her that Shakeel left her."

However, a close friend of Amrita reveals otherwise, "Nisha and Shakeel have beendivorced for two-years now and Amrita has been dating Shakeel for just the past five months. She has nothing to do with the divorce.Nisha isjust venting her frustration and is probably jealous."Thisfriendfurtheradds, "Nisha has been telling everyone that Amrita would borrow clothes from her but that is a lie!If Amrita has to borrow something she would doso from hermore stylisholder sisterMalaika."

When we contacted her, Amrita refused to talk abouther personal life, buthermom Joyce Arora was more vocal. Extremely upset with the accusations levelled against her younger daughter Joyce says, "Shakeel was married but he has been divorced for a long time and I have seen the divorce papers. He was already divorced when Amrita and he started going around.The person talking ill aboutmy daughter ismalicious and insecure. She is telling everyone that she separated because of physical abuse but in the divorce papers she has mentioned that the parting is by mutual consent."

Supporting her daughter Joyce adds, "Amrita and Nishaknew each other while in college but haven't been in touch for the past 12 years. Amrita met Shakeel five months ago and is no husband-stealer as is being insinuated.Both my daughters have been brought up to love and respect both, the man in their life and the institution of marriage."

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