Trouble in paradise

Priyanka Chopra is apparently going through a very rough phase, she’s over-worked and her stress levels are rising.

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Published: Tue 16 Nov 2010, 7:18 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 1:00 PM

Would this have made her insecure about her boyfriend? Or does Priyanka finds it difficult to maintain a relationship for long?

For a long time now, insiders have been blaming Shahid for his ‘control-freak’ personality; saying that his demands are driving Priyanka and him apart. But friends in the know say that Priyanka suffers from commitment issues and she is always looking for some excuse to drive a wedge into a relationship.

No one can confirm what the issues are between the two but recently Priyanka had a fit with Shahid and now refuses to talk to him.

While she was in Brazil, she heard rumours about Shahid and Deepika going out for a meal. She confronted him about it but he chose to remain non-committal brushing aside the questions. When Priyanka managed to get the rumours confirmed, she lost her cool, had a showdown and now refuses to talk to him.

People close to Priyanka claim that she has never liked Deepika and Shahid knows that. Priyanka is aware that Deepika and her boyfriend are having problems and fears that Shahid may get carried away listening to her sob stories.

A friend of Priyanka reveals, “It could be that Priyanka is jealous that Shahid met Deepika, and why not? Yes, they have been paired together for the first time for Sabir Khan’s “Heer and Ranjha”, but why should Deepika meet him on her own knowing that Shahid is dating Priyanka? Any girlfriend would get annoyed. What makes things worse is that he refuses to discuss it with her as he feels he does not need to give explanations about anything to anyone in his life. That is one of Shahid’s main failings in his relationships. He is a man of a few words and refuses to get into arguments.”

As of now, Priyanka has decided to end her relationship with Shahid. Could this be just another fight; or will it be final this time around?

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