'Sexy is not a dirty word'

Bipasha Basu who is excited about her first Bengali film, Rituparno Ghosh's Sob Choritra Kalponik, opens up about her sexy tag

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Published: Wed 21 Nov 2007, 10:11 PM

Last updated: Fri 28 Apr 2023, 11:48 AM

Many Bengali actors acquire a Hindi accent after shifting to Mumbai. How about you?

I speak Bengali pretty regularly. But yes, I have never done a film before. Guess, everything can be controlled during dubbing stages.

What do you find unique about Rituparno's films?

Hindi film industry doesn't make his kind of films. In fact, the character that I'm penciled to play is remotely not similar to what I am in real life. Though I am not at liberty to talk about it, I know that she is much more mature than I am. I like the way he presents his leading ladies. My favourite Rituparno film is Chokher Bali. He made Ash act so beautifully. I am a director's actor and hence, I am very keen on being presented by him.

A lot has been written about John Abraham in No Smoking. How do you think John could evolve further?

I think it was wrong to market No Smoking as a commercial film. It was a niche film. It was a film that was way ahead of its time. People thought they'd see John go Dhoom with his bike. Instead, they found him coming out of a tub. Many who watched No Smoking hadn't even heard of Being John Malkovich. John is fantastic and it's great that he could choose such a film at a time when comedy is working big time. We need to evolve. I don't want to advice John on that.

When media speculates about the status of your relationship, do you miss a life less ordinary?

Though it's tough, I will not trade this life for anything. Sometimes, the media speculation is so amusing that I wonder why the world is so childish. It's true that I too want to know details about Brad Pitt. Celebs need to accept the curiosity as part and parcel of their lives. But I never share my notes on how to react to media speculation with anyone from the industry. Laughter on the sets is fine but I am not close to anyone in the industry.

Has the whole speculation brought the two of you closer together?

We have always been close. It's worthless to discuss this since people don't value anybody's privacy.

Does it flatter you to be voted the sexiest Asian woman in 2007?

Yes. It's great to get back the title that I won in 2005. But then, even a routine compliment can flatter me.

How would you define the word 'sexy'?

Indians have used the word 'sexy' confusedly. It used to be a derogatory word. Recent surveys on sex have elevated the word to mean something good. It's not a dirty word. Today, SRK without a shirt onscreen can also be very sexy. Society changes with time and so do definitions. The term sexy has gone beyond a beautiful body. Today, it encompasses talent, screen presence, personality and intelligence too. It's a package deal of what you are in person — and on screen.

Do you find inanimate objects like cars sexy as well?

No way! But John would say a bike is sexy. Unlike John, I lack passion for inanimate objects.

Who would you judge as the all-time sexiest woman from India?

I need personal acquaintance to vote for someone. Due to media exposure and social interactions, lives of actors today are more open than that of our predecessors. Of course, many yesteryear actors were attractive. Though I liked their films, I haven't known them personally. I admire Sharmila Tagore for still being so graceful. I've met her once and I like the way she speaks. She is an icon.

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