Script secrets

A very discreet meeting took place a few days ago, between Ekta Kapoor and Akshay Kumar.

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Published: Tue 16 Nov 2010, 7:20 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 1:00 PM

Ekta has always wanted to work with Akshay but never had a script that would do justice to his kind of talent. She has finally come up with one and now wants Milan Luthra to direct it.

An insider says, “Akshay never showed any interest in working with Ekta Kapoor because he likes to work with only those that he can have an upper hand with. He wants to be involved with the entire aspect of a film.

“Now, Ekta is a different kettle of fish. She is strong and opinionated. He has heard that Ekta is most unlike the filmmakers he is used to. That is the reason why he never considered working in any of her films,” continues the insider, “but now Akshay has become a bit insecure after his recent flops and wants to give this successful film producer a try. He realises that he needs to do something new as the audience is tiring of the same old stuff he keeps churning out. Golmaal3 has given Action Replay a real beating at the box office and Akshay is hurting, so Ekta’s timing is perfect.

“Both want to keep this meeting a secret as they are in the planning stages of bringing both their production houses together to make four to five films together. Ekta’s script is also meant to be very powerful. ”

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